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Saturday's Dump & Chase: Quietude

No news is good news...right?

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Nashville Predators News

Subban joins 1 million Twitter followers club -
P.K. Subban is now part of a very exclusive NHL club. Line from article taken out of context, "Sidney Crosby isn't a factor". YES! I can get behind this!

After scouting combine, Victor's David Farrance one step closer to NHL Draft
This is a little older, but after that incredible goal the other day, David Farrance should see his stock rising. This interview took place before the draft. I think it's about time for a new interview with this rising star...and I think I know just the guy to do it! (hint: it's me, help me make it happen, does anyone have connections?)

First Tennessee Brent Peterson Golf Classic, Preds Party on Sept. 11-12
Golf clubs are kind of like hockey sticks...right? Is anyone planning on heading out there next month? The money goes to a great cause!

Around the League/JAGRWATCH

Jaromir just wants to play hockey. Can we make JAGR2NSH happen?

With a new deal in Dallas, Radulov must prove himself once again – ProHockeyTalk
Radulov has a lot to prove, but then again, all Stars need to be all-stars this year.

With the summer ticking away, Jagr remains hopeful he’ll sign in the NHL – ProHockeyTalk
Jaromir Jagr speaks! What is he looking for in a team aside from finding a team that's looking for him?

Teams have shown interest in Jagr, but he may start overseas while waiting for NHL job | The Hockey News
Some good discussion of the the roles Jagr is willing to play for his next team and situations where he thinks he would shine. GM David Poile, make this happen!

Welcome to the Bandwagon

This week we're taking a look at the other PK, the Penalty Kill. We broke rules, now we have to deal with the consequences. Included is everything you need to know about penalty kills to know as much as, if not more than, the average hockey fan.

What is Penalty Kill? Definition from
Here's a great definition and explanation.

Hockey penalty kill strategies :: Blue Seat Blogs
Yeah, this guy talks about the Rangers, but this is great information about common penalty killing strategies.

Another reason for Predators’ playoff success? A red hot penalty kill | ProHockeyTalk
Yes, we've posted this before, but now that you're an expert on penalty killing, check out the role our penalty kill squad played in our postseason success this year!