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OTF Mailbag: Old Man Jagr, Breakout Call-ups, and Fresh Lineups

The OTF Mailbag returns!

Nashville Predators v Chicago Blackhawks - Game Two Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It’s time to bring back the mailbag!

Once a week we will throw out a chance for you to ask some Preds and NHL related questions to the crew, who will then provide their best answers. Feel free to submit questions to us at any time via Twitter, Facebook, or comments on the site.

This week our questions come from Twitter, where we have a range of thoughts on Jaromir Jagr’s possibility as a Pred, who will be the next best thing from Milwaukee, and goal expectations from the likes of Kevin Fiala, Craig Smith, and others.

Carson: Pontus Aberg becomes a lock in the lineup, and I think Freddy G gets a few starts here and there. Kamenev is my wild card—the guy I’d love to see but who probably needs more time.

Chris: With depth being a concern, center appears to be the fastest route to Nashville. Tyler Moy could be in a position to make the leap if he has a good showing in training camp.

Bobby: Frederic Gaudreau and Pontus Aberg make the jump. Although Kamenev has been a name that numerous people have tossed around this summer, Gaudreau playing over him in the end of the playoffs told us all we need to know about Kamenev needing more time in Milwaukee. Alex Carrier is another candidate, but he needs an outstanding preseason camp.

Bryan: I believe we will see Vladislav Kamenev on the ice for the Preds at some point in the season as well as Samuel Girard. I'd also be hope to have another Freddie Gaudreau.

Carson: It pains me to say this, but slim to none. Jaromir Jagr doesn’t really have a place in the Preds’ lineup as it stands, and we can’t realistically expect his performance to do anything but decline.

Chris: The longer it drags out, the less likely it is to happen. I don’t think $1M will do the trick now, which is what may be keeping a signing from happening. By the time training camp starts, that price might drop. If they do sign Jagr, I’ll guess it’s on Sept. 2 for $1.5 million.

Bobby: Jagr had 16g, 30a, and 46 points last season. He was the worst performer on Florida's top line. All due respect to the future Hall of Famer, but he would not perform on a similar level with Bonino, Sissons, or Jarnkrok centering him. If the Predators could get him as a fourth-line discount, would you rather see him or find out what Aberg is made of? Jagr would have been great last season in lieu of Fiddler, but the Predators need to give Aberg the chance he deserves. If the Predators' cup window was closing, I would rather have Jagr than Aberg, but that is not the case.

Bryan: I doubt it. The roster seems pretty final if you ask me, I don't think Poile will reach out to Jagr, but I would honestly love to see The Traveling Jagrs with a Preds jersey in the group.

Carson: I don’t see the Watson-Sissons-Jarnkrok line hitting 40, although I wouldn’t be surprised by a big year from Sissons. In regards to the Fiala-Bonino-Smith line, most likely yes. I think we’re in store for a stellar year from Fiala, and I think we could see some nice production from Smithy as well.

Chris: Fiala/Bonino/Smith – yes. Fiala could carry the bulk of it, and I’m penciling him in for 20-22 goals. Smith gets 16-18, Bonino has 12-14. Watson/Sissons/Jarnkrok – no. Watson won’t reach 10, Sissons might get to 16-18, but Jarnkrok falls short and lands in the 10-12 range.

Bobby: I do not see why both Fiala and Smith cannot reach the 20 goal mark, so all Bonino has to do is score ten goals. He should be more than capable of doing so. If Watson, Sissons, and Jarnkrok hit 30 goals, I'll be ecstatic.

Bryan: Yes for the Bonino line, however replacing Smith with Aberg would be a more productive line. I don't think we will see 40 goals out of the Sissons line. Watson won't produce enough. Sissons will score 15-20 and Jarny will score 15.

Carson: It’s a tough call, but I’d have to go with October 14th, against the Blackhawks. Patrick Kane and crew should be chomping at the bits to get payback for last year’s sweep, and the idea of silencing the UC with a loss is just too perfect.

Chris: For me, it’s the home opener. Plenty of energy and emotion to go around, and oh, yeah – there’ll be a nice, clean new banner hanging from the rafters.

Bobby: Saturday, November 11th vs. Pittsburgh. The Predators return from a four game road trip including all the California teams and a now-worthy Blue Jackets team to face Sidney Crosby and the Penguins on a Saturday night. The Bridge will be absolutely rocking.

Bryan: The rematch vs. Pittsburgh. With Joey and Fiala back I think they will be extremely motivated to play against them. Any game against Chicago will be fun too.