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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Back to the Future

I haven’t really known what day it is since about half-way through the second-round of the playoffs. Now I have to trek 2,000 miles back across the country and lose two hours of my day. I might actually be doomed until hockey season rolls back around to put me back in some sort of zombie hockey schedule trance.

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'Back To The Future' New York Special Anniversary Screening Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Hockey News & Notes

Nashville Predators sponsoring fishing tournament Old Hickory Lake | The Tennessean
I don’t know much about fishing, but this seems like a great time. I imagine hilarity will be had.

The Avalanche were by far the NHL’s worst team, and they haven’t done much about it |
I had high hopes for Colorado going into the off-season (read I was all in for Duchene to Nashville) now I’m not sure the Avs even know what they’re doing anymore. If they’re going to pigeonhole Duchene in his prime what are they going to do with anyone else noteworthy they can get their hands on? Not exactly making themselves a destination team these days.

P.S. Give Colin Wilson our regards.

NHL Teams That Are Doomed to Disappoint in the 2017-18 Season | Bleacher Report
We’re doomed! I was really hoping Nashville wouldn’t end up on one of these lists but in all fairness, they make good points. But if I know one thing its never tell the Nashville Predators the odds!

NHL’s Draft decision fuels sad message: Hockey Is NOT For Everyone | Outsports
I was really hoping the NHL would try to turn things around after the Getzlaf debacle but here we are. It’s not enough to wave a flag and say you support a cause. The NHL needs to stand by what they claim to believe in.

Vegas strip club hosts Golden Knights viewing parties | Yahoo Sports
Last summer a friend and I started plotting a drunken hockey TV show pilot that centered around a NHL franchise being moved to Las Vegas. So far it’s all panning out exactly how we imagined it would. Except for the whole Neil Patrick Harris playing the part of the redemption seeking head coach thing...

Tortorella signs one-year extension with Blue Jackets | NHL
I think this time last year I was rolling my eyes at Tortorella’s comments regarding the World Cup but I don’t know ol’ Torty is growing on me these days.

I give it another week.

Golden Knights preparing for first training camp | NHL
Did you ever think you’d see the day where a NHL training camp would take place in the Mojave Desert? Yeah...neither did anyone who was drafted by the Vegas Golden Knights. Stay hydrated team!

Winners, losers in NBC Sports' 2017-18 NHL TV schedule | Yahoo Sports
Speaking in terms of exposure the Preds might be the winners here, but least we forget less than two months ago Nashville was rallying pitchfork mobs against NBC. Ahhhh growing pains. We can celebrate this small victory now, I’ll hold the pitchforks until the mobs are ready to reconvene.

Mailbag: Hurricanes' chances at playoffs, Jagr's future | NHL
If you don’t want to read about Carolina reaching playoff potential by becoming the Chicago Blackhawks Lite then skip on down to the part where you’ll see Nashville Predators new to the elite club. We’ve made it fam! Maybe just ignore that center depth part.

Celtics minority owner and potential NHL owner meets with Seattle stadium board | CBS Sports
Seattle’s still trying to make hockey happen. While it may not happen any time soon, another team in the west could make for an interesting league reshuffle.