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Monday’s Dump & Chase: Total Eclipse of the Heart

Since we still have weeks to go until hockey, let’s focus on the eclipse instead!

News: Solar Eclipse Anna Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Nashville Predators News & Notes

I’ll take it no news is good news?

News & Notes from Around the Hockey World

Kings seem to have no interest in adding Jagr – ProHockeyTalk
The 45-year-old remains without a job. And honestly, I'm a little surprised. 46 points at that age is very good. 46 points at any age I consider to be good. I don't think Jagr will remain on the market much longer. Should the Predators look to add him?

#NHLTopPlayers: Top 20 Centers
Steven Stamkos at 7? Auston Matthews at 4 after one season? Ryan Getzlaf in the top 10? Stop playing us like this!

Golden Knights' arrival could help turn Montana into 'hockey state'
Bozeman, Montana is 828 miles from Las Vegas but hey, the power of hockey and the thrill of the NHL is powerful.

Bonino uses second day with Cup for same good cause |
Yay Nick Bonino is a Predator. But he did play for the Penguins last season... I feel torn on this.

NHL - Olympic boycott is missed opportunity to showcase Auston Matthews
I disagree with this article. I like the NHL taking a stance to not let its players go play in the Olympics. Let the amateurs get the spotlight like the days of Miracle. I think it'll be very fun watching these AHL and college players chase a gold medal.

Eclipse 2017 Watch

How to watch the eclipse in virtual reality - CNN
Yeah this is cool, but why not get glasses and go outside and actually watch it?

Titans will adjust practice schedule to view eclipse Monday - Titan Insider
Good call coach Mularkey! Apparently players are very excited to see this historical event.

Nick Saban Solar Eclipse
Unlike Mularkey, Nick Saban has no time for all this eclipse nonsense.

As Tucker said yesterday in his Dump and Chase, enjoy the eclipse, but don’t damage your eyes. There’s hockey to watch in six weeks!

ALSO: we are looking for questions for this week’s mailbag, so post yours in the comments below. Questions can include anything about the Preds, the Central Division, the rest of the league, hockey in general, or even sports in general. Questions cannot include anything about the eclipse. Ask away!