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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Time is Running Out

While most of us can’t wait for the summer to end, a few un-signed hockey players are probably wishing the last few days of summer never end. Training camp is only a few weeks away.

Big Ben Is Silenced Ahead Of Renovation Work Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Hockey News & Notes

It’s almost PTO time for the NHL’s remaining free agents |
There’s quite a few now former Predators on this list. It seems like Harry Z won’t be making his way back to the Nashville lineup for the time being, but there’s still some time left before the season starts.

NHL Players Most Likely to Have Sophomore Slumps in 2017-18 | Bleacher Report
I’m not surprised to see a few of the guys on this list. CoughMattCoughMurrayCough. The sophomore slump can be a terrible thing, but they don’t always have to be career defining. And if they are at least there’s a great Fall Out Boy song about it.

Luongo's solar eclipse joke wins the day |
We don’t deserve Roberto Luongo.

McDavid says of best player, 'It's not me' |
Let’s all take a moment to appreciate that Crosby was dethroned and then take a moment to sympathize for poor awkward Connor McDavid for having to be that guy that dethroned Sidney Crosby.

Predators mascot trolls Blackhawks for Cup failure — but hold the phone | Chicago Tribune
Gnash is the best in the league and I’ll fight anyone who disagrees. All that aside, salty Chicago is going to be really fun this season.

NHL - Olympic FAQ - Where things stand and what's at stake | ESPN
Iced out? The lowdown? This sounds like an Entertainment Tonight headline and it’s turning out to be just as dramatic.

'On the Bench' duo teaches NHL players hockey basics in wild viral videos |
This might be the greatest thing to happen all summer.

Report: Anaheim Ducks not interested in Jaromir Jagr, but Calgary Flames could be | CBS Sports
It’s okay Jagr, you don’t want to play for Anaheim anyways!

Oshie says young Capitals must emerge this season |
The Capitals did a lot of salary unloading this summer. They’ll need their young guys to step up, but they’ll also need Oshie and Ovechkin to be consistent leadership the younger guys can look up to.


On instagram that is. It’s been a while but we’ve perfected our filtering skills and have a backlog of catchy captions ready for October.

Preds on the ice for warmups against Boston. Last game of rookie camp.

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