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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Time Keeps Draggin' On

There's only 40 Days until the season opener in Boston... please try to remain sane.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Nashville Predators News & Notes

C'mon! Nothing again? 

Other Hockey News & Notes

Auston Matthews is better than Connor McDavid | Pension Plan Puppets
My favorite hockey 'article' of the week. If you read anything today, please read this.

Yahoo Fantasy Hockey top 50 players for 2017-18
33. Roman Josi
37. Pekka Rinne
40. P.K. Subban
42. Filip Forsberg

Josh Ho-Sang: I'm ready to be an impact player in the NHL | Sportsnet
"There’s a saying, lions don’t listen to the opinions of sheep. To me, it’s one of those things that if you don’t know me, if you don’t know Josh Ho-Sang as a person, then your opinion is very minute depending on who you are."

Well... Josh Ho-Sang certainly is a fan of Josh Ho-Sang. He even refers to himself in the 3rd person. I kind of love it.

NCAA D Will Butcher narrows list to 3-4 teams | TSN
Wait.... The Golden Knights, Sabres and Devils are on his shortlist? Do you care at all about winning, Will?

Devils sign Stafford to one-year deal | TSN
Woah! Actual news! Nice, low risk, depth signing for the Devils, and on the cheap as well.

How the Jets can get from ‘good on paper’ to ‘actually good’ | The Hockey News
I actually forgot/didn't realize that we only won 1 more game than the Jets last year. Those overtime losses were useful for once!

The Panthers and Icetopia Bring Ice Hockey to Barbados | NHL
For the second consecutive summer, the Florida Panthers traveled to the island of Barbados in the southern Caribbean. While the community outreach on the first trip involved a ball hockey clinic, the Cats took things up a notch on their second voyage to Barbados by hosting the NHL's first ice hockey clinic in the Caribbean.

2020 Vision: What the Washington Capitals roster will look like in three years | The Hockey News
You know the saying "the future is bright"? Yeah.... that's not applicable here.

Have a great Sunday everybody. Enjoy this video of Subban working out.

The beast never sleeps ... Next stop, La Belle Province ! #mtl @lechildren @pksubbanfoundation @predsnhl

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