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The Forecheck Podcast: Interview with Willy Daunic

The podcast is back from summer vacation and it has the tan-lines to prove it.

NHL: Stanley Cup Final-Pittsburgh Penguins at Nashville Predators Joe Puetz-USA TODAY Sports

After a month or so off, I figured it was time to bust out another episode of the podcast. I’m not gonna lie—the time off was nice! But hockey is just around the corner and it’s time to get back in the swing of things.

Today’s episode features Willy Daunic, the voice of the Nashville Predators on the TV side over at Fox Sports. He was kind enough to join me for a bit to talk about the upcoming changes to the broadcast booth, his experience performing play-by-play duties so far, and his take on the upcoming season.

In addition to all that, we cover:

  • How excited we are that Chris Mason is joining the booth.
  • Pete Weber: an inspiration to us all.
  • What the workload is actually like for the broadcast team.
  • The pronunciation obstacle. Who is the authoritative source?
  • Willy’s other announcing inspirations, his most awe-inspiring moment, and that time that Brent Peterson spilled Coca-Cola everywhere.
  • The possibility that JOFA isn’t together on opening night (which we hope doesn’t happen).
  • The wizardry of being an NHL goalie.

Thank you for listening in. Enjoy!

Remember, you can either stream the show in this browser by pressing the play button below, listen on the Bumpers app, or listen on iTunes (don’t forget to subscribe!).