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Saturday's Dump & Chase: The Captain Question

Mike Fisher's retirement has left a Captain-sized hole in our hearts. Who will fill it? Also, empty nets, Jagrwatch.

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Nashville Predators News

VIDEO: Top 5 Mike Fisher moments as a Nashville Predator | The Game Nashville
Just a little bit more Mike Fisher love. I usually get stuck watching highlight and fight videos when I put these posts together anyway, might as well start reminiscing on the good times...and the chiclets.

Who will replace Mike Fisher as Predators captain?
An analysis of each of the likely candidates to replace Mike Fisher. The good news is that we have a lot of great options. The bad news is that we have a lot of great options.I know who I want to wear the 'C', how about you?

Disclaimer: I personally think Roman Josi should be the next Captain. Why? When we went to welcome the boys home at the airport, Josi was the only player that stopped and signed autographs, including one for my 7 year old daughter (she was up front). Many of our boys have a claim to the title based on on-ice merit, but Josi has the off-ice chops to match it.

Fisher’s retirement vacates Predators’ captaincy, so who wears the ‘C’ next? | The Hockey News
More musings on the Captaincy.

Why Alabama football coach Nick Saban took heat for wearing Predators jersey
Nick Saban continues to defend his (and our) fandom. After reading this article, it means even more to have him on our side.

Around the League

Inside look at Buffalo Sabres
New Head Coach Phil Housley has his work cut out for him. Take a look and see what our old Assistant Coach has to work with up in Buffalo.

Franson and Jagr could push a team just over the edge -- so why are they still unsigned? | The Hockey News
JAGRWATCH Day 35: Interesting statistical analysis showing exactly what signing Jaqr could do for a team. Now that Mike Fisher isn't coming back, we need to sign Jaromir Jagr!

Grinder | By Bryan Bickell
Awesome article by Bryan Bickell about the end of his playing career. Maybe not all Blackhawks are monsters.

Welcome to the Bandwagon

This week I'm taking a look at some of the special situations you see on the ice. First up, the empty net.

CoachUp Nation | Pulling Your Goaltender in Hockey
Why and when do you pull the goalie? This also explains the delayed penalty aspect of pulling the goalie. Some interesting trivia worthy history in this one as well.

How to Play Hockey: Pulling the Goalie | Hockey Articles | PlaySportsTV
A different take on goalie pulling.

You know how we get on the power play, but once we're on it, what in the heck do we do with it?

Power Play Strategies -
Your power play unit is an elite squad, dedicated to getting the puck in the back of the net. What should you look for when we are ON. THE. POWERPLAY!!!