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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: What’s My Age Again?

Kids are back in school, meaning if you blinked after the playoffs you missed the entire summer. Is it just me or does it feel like summer breaks are getting shorter and shorter? Living for summer fun has turned into hibernating until October and dodging your co-workers hawking their kids’ fundraising goods at you. I guess this is growing up.

New York City School Bus Drivers On Verge Of Strike Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images

Hockey News & Notes

NHL: Players under contract in minors can't go to Olympics | LA Times
And the saga of the Olympics vs. the NHL rages on. Not only is the NHL not sending the guys from the big show to the Olympics, they’re not sending the guys from the AHL either.

Confused outrage over NHL Olympics boycott | Yahoo Sports
Apparently people are pretty upset about the AHL not being allowed to go to the Olympics. Wyshynski makes some good points here about the logic behind not sending them. While I’ll miss taking time out of the middle of my work day to find brunch and watch USA vs Canada it’s time to put this to rest and move on.

Report: Ovechkin is still ‘hopeful’ he’ll participate in 2018 Olympics | ProHockeyTalk
Just kidding, Ovechkin is here to keep this debate raging until 2022 if he has to.

Crosby's dryer takes cake during 30th birthday celebration | NHL
Yeah, congrats Sidney, could you move to the left a little you’re blocking the cake. Crosby is upstaged by his own birthday cake. Seems fitting.

NHL analyst and Rangers champ Eddie Olczyk has cancer | New York Post
Thoughts and prayers with Olczyk.

Canada, Russia brawl at Sochi Hockey Open (Video) | Yahoo Sports
Our favorite NHLers may not get to represent their countries, but at least we’ll still have these guys.

Corey Crawford left off NHL Network’s Top 10 goalies, which is fine because the list is bad | Second City Hockey
In-case you missed it Nashville’s Pekka Rinne was ranked 10th on the NHL Network’s list of Top 10 goalies and people are really mad about it (while saying they’re not mad about it). Specifically Chicago, which is fun for us Nashville folk.

ESPN getting back into the hockey market with streaming service | Courier-Post
Meh, I think ESPN has been out of the hockey market long enough (and burned enough bridges) that they’ll have to have ground breaking technology to reel anyone back in longterm.

Top 15 NHL stars without a Stanley Cup | Sporting News
There’s a few guys on this list who are very deserving, but winning a cup comes down to a team effort. You can be the greatest of all time and it won’t matter if you’re playing for the worst team in the league season after season. It’s the downfall of team sports.

What if ... the Blues had drafted Jonathan Toews instead? (NHL Alternate History) | Yahoo Sports
If Toews would have been drafted by the Blues I’d like to think the Jonathan Toes nickname would have stuck. Sadly this isn’t as funny as I was hoping it would be, probably because it’s pretty accurate.