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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Anticipation

Temperatures are dropping in Tennessee and the hockey buzz is alive and well in Nashville. It can only mean one thing...October is coming, y’all!

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Oakland Raiders v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Predators will not engage in national anthem protests | The Tennessean
Its no surprise that the country’s political divide has reached the NHL, however forming an opinion on where the league should stand is a bit more complicated. Given that the majority of the league’s players aren’t even American and usually stand respectfully during the anthem regardless it’s not surprising that they’ll continue to do so.

As for Nashville, after how big of a show the anthem was during the playoffs I don’t imagine they’ll be looking to do anything differently. They’ve had their share of anthem issues this year, and given their search for a new singer I imagine they won’t be looking to make a political stand.

NHL ‘17: Predators facing challenge of staying on top | The Washington Post
Is it going to be hard to top the historic run that made the Predators Western Conference Champions? Yes, obviously. There’s a lot of things that happened that can never be duplicated (nor should they given the injuries that caused some of the miracles on ice...RIP everyone’s legs.) but that doesn’t mean the Preds aren’t laying the ground work for a...dare I say it...dynasty.

That being said we shouldn’t expect the 2017 playoffs to happen every game of every season...come on...we’re not Blackhawks fans! Ducks!

Hockey News & Notes

Quick hits: Couture, Neal, Stralman deal with injuries | ProHockeyTalk
I’m sad for Neal...he should come back to Nashville now so he can heal the wounds that Vegas has inflicted upon him...sorry...wait...what are we talking about again?

Mike Milbury moves to broadcast booth as NBC’s top NHL color analyst |
See above .gif for instant reaction.

Really? There was no one else? No one in the entire world of sports broadcasting was available except Milbury?

What does he have on you NBC?!? Does he own you? Is he doing this for free because he hates everyone’s happiness? We need answers!

One remaining training camp question for each Canadian NHL team |
Honestly the Canadian teams have really shaped up over the past few season. Sure some of them still need some work but overall not bad!

Eight players who have raised eyebrows in the NHL pre-season | The Hockey News
The fact that Sharp is back in Chicago isn’t all that surprising. He never found his game in Dallas. On the up-side...he’s gotta retire soon...right?

Wait...Brad Hunt? Don’t we know him? Isn’t he the pizza guy...

NHL -- Fans in Las Vegas have already taken a shine to the Golden Knights | ESPN
Yeah...the first professional hockey team and professional sports team to be established in Las one will love that!

From a business standpoint if Vegas wants to continue to ride the hype train for a few more years based on just being the “First Team of Las Vegas” and not on actual performance stats maybe don’t make the face of your franchise a questionable goalie nearing retirement. The Pittsburgh fan love dries up when Fleury retires...we all know it’s true!

NHL players that are no longer among Top 50 best | Yahoo Sports
Oh how the mighty fall!

Meh...given how some of these guys ended last season I’m not really surprised they took a tumble down the list. I’m actually still surprised to see some of them ranked at all.