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Sunday's Dump & Chase: Need. Hockey.

Duchene trade rumors are still afoot (because of course they are), Pastrnak is still unsigned, Ekblad voices support for LGBT athletes, and the Goon sequel gets released in the States. Only 33 days until the season opener in Boston. We're almost there.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Nashville Predators News & Notes

Ribeiro to retire following relapse, says agent | NBCSports
A sad closing chapter, for an even sadder story. There's nothing quite as disappointing as wasted talent, and while he certainly wasn't anyone's favorite player here, I think we all wish him the best and hope he gets the help he needs.

Other Hockey News & Notes

Hitchcock preaching accountability to improve Stars' power play | Sportsnet
I've always had a soft spot for Hitch, and it really bums me out that he couldn't just take a job in a different division. I obviously hope that I'm wrong, but I think the Stars will be quite the force this season.

Cam Ward open to reduced role behind Scott Darling with Hurricanes | Sportsnet
Quite the interesting tandem they have out there in Raleigh now. Hopefully the addition of Darling and veteran Justin Williams can propel them back into the playoffs.

What NHL players were up to this summer | ESPN
BREAKING: Rich Pro Athletes have a really good time during the off-season.

Goon Last of the Enforcers review: A pucking good time | Entertainment Weekly
Doug "The Thug" Glatt returns! The first Goon is my favorite hockey movie ever (Sorry 'bout it, Miracle fans), and I really, REALLY, hope that this one doesn't fall into the 'unnecessary sequel that sucks' category.

Rumor Roundup: Potential destinations for Avs' trade bait Duchene | The Hockey News
Alright.... I've officially become fatigued by this circus.

‘Don’t be afraid’ — Panthers’ Ekblad voices support for LGBT athletes | NBC Sports
Good on you, Ekblad. NHL players are naturally tight-lipped. More of them speaking out on issues such as this is exactly what the sport needs.

Canucks sign Thomas Vanek to one-year contract | Sportsnet
"But I'll take my time anywhere. Free to speak my mind anywhere, and I'll redefine anywhere. Anywhere I roam, where I lay my head is home. Carved upon my stone, my body lies but still I roam."

-Thomas Vanek, probably.

Pastrnak talks may resume Friday | TSN
God, I really hope Boston manages to screw this up. Nothing would make me happier than if they "Seguin" it again.