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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Old Habits

The Preds turtled their way to victory over the Oilers and are heading for bye week. Meanwhile the rest of us will begin speculating wildly over midseason grades and awards.

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Hockey News & Notes

Nashville Predators 2, Edmonton Oilers 1: Rinne Shines, Preds Turtle Their Way To Victory | On the Forecheck
Old habits die hard, but at least this time it didn’t cost them the game.

Predators sign trio of defensemen to contract extensions |
Locking in most of the defense for next season is not a surprising move, especially considering these three could all be signed at the league minimum.

Breaking down the five best goaltender performances of the NHL’s first half |
Finding Pekka Rinne on this list was a little surprising. No offense to Rinne, I just wasn’t expecting him to pop up given some of the stats they looked at.

NHL - Realigning the divisions based on Seattle expansion team | Norris, Smythe, Patrick, Adams
Moving Nashville out of the Central and the West and moving them to the East makes sense geographically. Rivalry wise, outside of the Penguins do we really have anything to look forward to? Nashville vs. Tampa Bay doesn’t really fire up the pitchfork mob like Nashville vs. Chicago or St. Louis or Minnesota.

NHL - Best and worst of the 2017-18 season at the midpoint | ESPN
Nashville wins the best trade...because of course.

NHL expansion thriving with Vegas Golden Knights. | Sports on Earth
Their social media is still unbearable and shows up on a lot of “worst” lists for midseason reviews but not a bad start for an expansion team who’s name we were making fun of this time last year.

NHL mid-season awards: Lightning dominate voting |
Sports Net named their Best Trade Award Trophy the Filip Forsberg and that’s all you really need to know because L O L!

NHL: Awards at midseason | USA Today
Please let Anaheim be a sleeper team for the playoffs because I don’t think I want to live in a world where Nashville doesn’t get to be chirpy with them in the post season.

Five teams to watch as the second half playoff hunt begins | The Hockey News
When Nashville swept Chicago last spring did they break them...forever?

NHL - What's next for Jaromir Jagr? | ESPN
I like a good legend story just as much as the next person (probably more really) but just because Jagr can still play doesn’t mean that he should. Is it really better to fade out than to retire respectfully?

NHL: Midseason grades for all 31 teams | USA Today
Nashville - A.

All our rivals - No A’s for you!

What a time to be alive.

Fitz and the Tantrums, Flo Rida to headline NHL All-Star Game concerts in Tampa |
*Furiously Googles how to become NHL Music Supervisor