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The Forecheck Podcast: Episode 27 - Conor McKenna

It’s the bye week, but there’s plenty to talk about.

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Edmonton Oilers v Nashville Predators

It’s the bye week!

Since there is a dearth of real Predators news for the next few days, today my guest is Conor McKenna, host of the morning show on TSN 690 in Montreal. I invited him in to get his take on the Predators and some other topics, such as:

  • Who is most likely to compete with Tampa in the East?
  • Will the Penguins miss the playoffs?
  • We mention some coaches that might be fired soon.
  • Ryan Johansen’s contract: good? good now, bad later? bad now, good later? bad now, bad later?
  • Ryan Ellis for Max Pacioretty?
  • The mindset of an NHL team’s fans—is Nashville in a good place?

And lots of other stuff. Give it a listen!

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That’s it for now... Enjoy!

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