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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Let’s Do That Hockey!

Finally! Did that seem like an eternity to anyone else?

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NHL: JAN 09 Oilers at Predators Photo by Danny Murphy/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Smashville News:

20th Season: A Lineage of Defense |
I didn't realize Suter, Klein, Weber and Sulzer were all picked in the same year. Nice piece on the history of the Predators defense. And no, the scouting team does not get enough credit.

Preds Recall Juuse Saros, Assign Anders Lindback |
Some players went to Vail for the bye week. Some players went to Miami. Where did you go Juuse? Oh yeah - to work in Milwaukee. I guess Lindback got a vacation.

Preds Return from Break Poised to 'Make Some Noise' in Second Half |
Sounds like the team knows what they need to work on and that they need to keep improving through the second half.

Predators' Filip Forsberg resumes skating, Viktor Arvidsson exits practice | Tennessean
Welcome back to skating Fil (though how do you stick handle with a broken hand?). Please don't be too hurt Arvy. (I'm trying not to panic - just checking the location of my towel every few minutes.)

I am pining for a posting from Doug and Dozer.

Central Division News:

Blackhawks enter five-day break on down note |

Also, I chose not to link any of the many articles about the mystery of Corey Crawford's injury status due to comment section speculation/rumors on personal issues that may not be true. The fans and press are beginning to work themselves into a snit.

Nathan MacKinnon feels like an NHL all-star. | The Denver Post
So Nathan help me out. You like the anonymity but you are looking forward to being more recognized? You are used to being in the spotlight but like the privacy?

Other Hockey News:

Penguins rounding into championship form |
Maybe. But really, wouldn't they just like a nice long summer off?

Super Slo-mo: Week 14 |
The goalie shaming edition. Hi PK, Ekkie and Peks - oh no! High big group of Preds and Juuse - oh no! Hi again Peks - yay! Hi Hartzy - nice! Wow little kid goalie with the Pekka Rinne-like glove save!

NHL Mixed Bag: Cutthroat Metro, Central division races shaping up for wild second half | Sporting News
"The Metropolitan Division is just silly." I need a dragon gif. "The Central: Also crazy!" I have long suspected this. Some love for Nashville's chances at the end.

Trade asset rankings tiers for the 2017-18 trade deadline |
Interesting list - though many of these people are not going to be on the market. Why do I keep feeling so sorry for Cody Franson? Doesn't anyone have a home for him?

Olympics Officials Discuss a Potential First: A Unified Korean Hockey Team | The New York Times
Okay - set the politics aside - how does this work? Which country claims any medal won? Can anybody join in the fun? How about a unified US and Canada team?

Rookie watch: More teams depending on young talent |
My preseason prediction was that the youth movement would continue making it harder and harder for older players to keep their roster spot. As the game gets faster, I see the teams getting younger.