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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: And Justice For All

After losing what was left of their first line in the middle of the game, Nashville managed to pull out a win over Vegas. It was exactly what the team needed after a week off.

Vegas Golden Knights v Nashville Predators

Hockey News & Notes

Preds Recall Frederick Gaudreau, Place Viktor Arvidsson on IR | Nashville Predators
This is not the news you want to hear right before going up against the number one team in the west.

Nashville Predators 1, Vegas Golden Knights 0: Juuse Saros Outduels Marc-Andre Fleury | On the Forecheck
Oh hey, look at that! It all worked out for the best though!

NHL picks Kid Rock to perform at the 2018 All-Star Game | For The Win
I realize there was a point in the early 00’s where Kid Rock was really relevant and even widely liked by the main stream but it’s 2018 now...why is the NHL doing this? Are they trying to alienate all of their fans?

Again if anyone can get me a job as NHL music supervisor I’m still available and have references.

NHL - Re-grading every team's offseason ahead of 2017-19 season | ESPN
Not surprisingly Nashville didn’t grade better than they did during the post season. There’s still a lot of hockey left before the playoffs but with Nashville losing all of their top line the next few weeks are gut-check time for the rest of the team.

On Cogliano’s Hit and Protecting All NHL Players | Anaheim Calling
Rivalries aside for a moment, this is spot on. The league has to be better about protecting it’s players, especially from head injuries. They can start with this garbage hit on Johansen from last night.

Blackhawks fear Corey Crawford could be out for the season: sources | Chicago Sun Times
That’s a big blow to Chicago. If Crawford is really out for the rest of the season they can wave goodbye to their post-season hopes and dreams.

Dallas Stars: Alexander Radulov Snubbed From 2018 NHL All-Star Game | FanSided
Despite the fact that there was no way he was getting in simply because of how stacked the Central is, even if it wasn’t, he’s not exactly a front-runner for likability.

Plenty on tap for NHL All-Star Weekend in Tampa | NHL
Honestly, it’s all going to have to be really really really god for people to get over the whole Kid Rock thing.

Which NHL players may have lost out on Olympic dream forever? | Yahoo
Forever seems a little dramatic, if I’ve learned anything about hockey it’s that age means nothing to these guys.

Side note...I wouldn’t necessarily use the term “botched” to describe Pekka Rinne’s hip surgery a few years. Unfortunate sounds a little less traumatic.