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The Forecheck Podcast: Episode 28 - Micah Blake McCurdy

The creator of, @IneffectiveMath joined me to talk about his website and why he started making neat little hockey graphs.

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Nashville Predators v St Louis Blues

One of my favorite hockey stats websites is Go there to find colorful graphs relating to shot share, shot location, line combinations, player usage, “with you/without you” charts and much more.

Today I interviewed Micah Blake McCurdy, the creator of HockeyViz. We talked about the inception of his website (“I launched it so that people would stop asking me questions on Twitter”) and what it takes to run a website full of fun, colorful stats visualizations.

We also talk about:

  • Math (of course)
  • Why numbers are not actually necessary (maybe?)
  • What those player shot maps can (and cannot) tell you
  • The differences and similarities with P.K. Subban in Montreal vs. Nashville
  • Same, but with Kyle Turris and Ottawa
  • How his points projections are calculated (Preds are currently projected to win the Central)
  • The infuriating secrecy of the NHL

I had fun with this interview. Give it a listen!

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That’s it for now... Enjoy!

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