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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Thunderstruck

Sometimes lightning really does strike twice, but at least the Preds still picked up a point.

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Tampa Bay Lightning v Nashville Predators

Hockey News & Notes

Lightning topple Predators in potential Stanley Cup preview | The Tennessean
In terms of general likability I wouldn’t mind seeing Tampa Bay in the final against the Preds. I’d also like the the Preds to do that thing where they win in regulation and not give me heart palpitations but I digress. Baby steps!

NHL hot seat 2018: Who will be the 1st coach fired this year? |
Brace yourselves. It’s that time of year where teams who’s seasons are in shambles start reworking their staff and rosters and most of the time it ain’t pretty!

4 things we learned in the NHL: Blackhawks in Central basement |
It’s going to take a lot for the Blackhawks to make the playoffs, they know it, we know it, the whole world knows it. It’s a long shot, but you can never count Chicago out for too long.

NHL Rumor Roundup: Erik Karlsson's future with Senators is anyone's best guess | NHL | Sporting News
Now that Matt Duchene watch has ended will Erik Karlsson be the next trade we speculate wildly over for the next two years? If we can’t speculate wildly what’s the point?

Uncertainty replaces NHL players in Olympic hockey | Detroit News
Unpredictability might make for some good hockey. Or it might make for some dull hockey. This really could go either way.

NHL - Filip Nyberg is the best player in the world of the week | ESPN
Some of the best hockey players in the world we’ve probably never even heard of. Maybe the Olympics will be alright after all.

As national media coverage amps up, Mayor Durkan visits the NHL | Sonics Rising
I joked way too much about the Vegas expansion and now their Twitter is the bane of my hockey existence so I refuse to make jokes to spare us all from Vegas 2.0.

Odds are that Seattle’s new NHL team will be named the Emeralds or the Totems | CBS
Emeralds isn’t half bad. That being said they’re going to end up the Seattle Totems aren’t they? It’s Vegas all over again!

Are the Blackhawks broken? And if so, what's next? | Chicago Tribune
How the mighty fall. With the loss of Corey Crawford for who knows how long and the fact that Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane are destroying the team’s cap space for the foreseeable future, it might take a while before we see the Blackhawks return to their former glory. The Hawks are good at scrambling and making the cap work for them, but I think they’re past that now. It’s definitely going to take a lot more than signing a few old faces that won a cup six years ago.

2018 NHL All-Star Game: Full TV schedule, stream, 3-on-3 format, rosters | CBS
Oh hey, All-Star Weekend is upon us!