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Monday’s Dump and Chase: Back in Session

The All-Star Weekend is over. It’s time to get back to work! Our boys should be well-rested, and the return of the Prince will be soon. Enemies of the Preds, beware.

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Our Preds are back in action this week after a long weekend. Hopefully they’ve taken some time to heal, relax, and get prepared for the home stretch of the 2017-2018 season. (EEEEE!!!)

For your viewing pleasure, General Pekka Rinne:

Nashville Predators News

Rinne, Subban Take Second at Skills; Value Time with All-Stars
Our boys represented Smashville with style this weekend.

Predators Mailbag: What To Do As The Trade Deadline Approaches?
Some Predators trade deadline questions are covered in this week's mailbag from A to Z Sports.

Rinne enjoys All-Star test against McDavid, Pacific
One of the best hockey players in the world, Connor McDavid, said he always has trouble against Pekka Rinne. We should be proud.

Milwaukee Admirals News

Chatterbox, Vol. 246 – Admirals Roundtable
Some commentary from Admirals Roundtable about the baby Preds in Milwaukee.

Around the League

Jaromir Jagr waivers: Does any NHL team make sense for the 45 year old? -
Could someone be claiming Jagr this morning? Who will it be?

How 'Save Streak' saved the NHL Skills Competition | The Hockey News
Rinne and Fleury were absolutely on fire. Two of the League's best goaltenders facing the League's best shooters. I was impressed with this particular skill competition.

All-star payrolls: The best teams a mountain of money can buy | The Hockey News
Money hockey.

NHL - 2017-18 Power Rankings - Players from each team who thrill us with their skills
Some praise for Pekka Rinne's black hole of a glove hand.

NHL - Five ways to make the All-Star Game even more fun
I mean, it's already pretty stale.

Have a great week, folks.