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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Failure to Launch

Vegas rained all over Ellis-mas. They ruined it. Ruined it!

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Nashville Predators v Vegas Golden Knights

Hockey News & Notes

Predators' Ryan Ellis to make season debut against Vegas Golden Knights | The Tennessean
Ellis’s return makes the loss of Forsberg hurt a little less...for now.

Nashville Predators lose in Vegas in Ryan Ellis' season debut | The Tennessean
Insert gross sobbing .gif here

Golden Knights proving they are for real in NHL power rankings | USA Today
For real for real? They’re a great team, but they would be more tolerable if their social media was knocked down a peg or two or twelve.

NHL - Wyshynski's Weekly Reader - 10 audacious hockey predictions for 2018 | ESPN
Out of all the sports predictions I’ve read the past few days, number eight on Greg’s list is by far my favorite. For obvious reasons.

NHL Power Rankings: Bruins contenders again | ProHockeyTalk
Remember the days when the Preds couldn’t make a list, now they’re on all the lists!

Why Steelheads should be Seattle’s NHL Team Name | Sonics Rising
I get the logic, but for anyone who doesn’t know anything about fish their only response is going to be “that’s an ugly fish”. Seattle Sasquatches back in the running?

NHL - Veteran Chris Bourque, newcomer Jordan Greenway among U.S. Olympic players worth watching | ESPN
I feel like somewhere, someone is already developing a movie loosely based on these events.

NHL - How Henrik Lundqvist became the king of outdoor hockey games | ESPN
I’m sure there’s a learning curve to playing outdoors, so you can’t knock Lundqvist’s stats, they’re impressive.

How USA Hockey constructed the 2018 Olympic men's team without NHL players |
Seriously...someone, somewhere is already developing a script aren’t they?

WATCH: Hockey Player Tells Dad He Made The Olympic Team | NPR
The Preds will have a little representation at the Olympics this year after all!