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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: He’s Baaaack! (I hope.)

Filip Forsberg practiced in a regular jersey Monday as part of the JOFA line. Looks like he will be back in time for Filbruary.

Boston Bruins v Nashville Predators Photo by John Russell/NHLI via Getty Images

Smashville News:

Forsberg Could Return Soon as Preds Prepare for Final Stretch |
Yay! Our Prince will soon be back in action.

Photos: Best of 2018 NHL All-Star Weekend |
"There's plenty to see at 2018 NHL All-Star Weekend in Tampa Bay. P.K. Subban, Pekka Rinne and Peter Laviolette as they represent the Preds in the Sunshine State." Everybody seems to be having fun - also Gnash was there too, why do folks keep leaving him out?

Mason, Preds Alumni Host Guitar Picks and Hockey Sticks Fantasy Camp |
This group of alumni was probably a hoot to hang out with and play with. Nice Mace!

Don’t think I didn’t dance around the room.

Remember that cute little puppy Dozer? Well he’s grown a bit (on the left).

Distracting mom from studying

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Central Division News:

Avalanche rookie Sam Girard is 19, only 162 pounds and somehow one of the NHL's most pesky defensemen | The Denver Post
Much love for young Girard, which is nice however - I believe the best "pint-sized defenseman" would be one Ryan Ellis; the boy is 19 and will put on more muscle and weight, and finally I believe Seth Jones was left off the list at the bottom.

Hochman: Blues won't go far without Allen being strong |
Jake Allen is a puzzle to me. Either he is totally inside his own head or he's lights out. Maybe he needs some chill lessons from Carter Hutton. Speaking of Huts - what a great season he's having!

Trouba joins Jets list of walking wounded | Winnipeg Sun
I didn't realize that the Winnipeg Jets had so many injuries. There certainly seem to be a lot more injuries this year than I remember as normal.

Other Hockey News:

Jagr assigned by Flames to Czech Republic team |
This end to Jaromir Jagr's NHL career makes me sad. He deserved better, and we didn't get a chance to say goodbye. Best of luck in your future Jagr!

Super Slo-mo: Week 16 |
Hi Alexei and PK - maybe one of you should have taken the guy standing in front of Pekka. Hi PK - nice shot! Hi Arvy - nice hop! Hi Juuse - oh no! Again with two guys taking one man?

NHL Power Rankings: Lightning reclaim No. 1 spot ahead of Bruins, Golden Knights |
Nashville falls one place to number four due to the smoking hot Bruins. Five Central Division teams in the top ten. The Wild at fifteen and let's keep scrolling to find the Blackhawks at number twenty-two.

10 storylines as NHL Trade Deadline approaches |
Only ten? To quote Scotty "Hold on lass, it gets bumpy from here."

Islanders to play 12 games at Nassau Coliseum in 2018-19 |
This is cool. Speaking of the Islanders, is anyone else puzzling over the Tavares hold out. It seems like they are getting their ducks in a row on an arena, so why the delay? Will he go UFA?

NHL All-Stars reveal their red carpet style secrets |
Today's Lifestyle piece. Lol Jack Eichel's camo jacket - I like it. Erik Karlsson, I expected better than the used car salesman look. P.K. Subban, I love the suit, but I am so over the hats.