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Nashville Predators 1, Chicago Blackhawks 2: Early Turnovers Too Much to Overcome

Anton Forsberg does what needs to be done, and the Preds point streak ends.

Chicago Blackhawks v Nashville Predators

The Nashville Predators opened up the unofficial second half of the season with a grueling 2-1 loss to the rival Chicago Blackhawks.

Despite signs pointing toward a Filip Forsberg return, the first-line winger did not make it off of the IR for tonight’s game. Anton Forsberg, however, started in net for the Blackhawks opposite Juuse Saros.

The game started with the Predators nearly taking advantage of an early Blackhawks turnover, but the next few minutes saw numerous sloppy plays by Nashville leading to David Kampf of the Blackhawks scoring the game’s first goal.

Both teams began to settle down as the period went on, but neither team scored again, as the first period ended with Chicago leading 1-0 at the end of the first.

The second period began much better for Nashville, as Scott Hartnell made a great pass from behind the net to Kyle Turris, who tied the game with his first goal since December 29th. The next few minutes passed without much happening, until Austin Watson was sent to the box for interference. Before heading to the sin bin, though, he chucked knucks with Tommy Wingels, giving himself an extended stay in the process.

The Preds killed off the penalty, but it gave the Hawks momentum, which carried over to Hinostroza giving the Blackhawks the lead back. Kevin Fiala was sent to the box shortly thereafter for slashing, and Ryan Ellis nearly got himself sent there clearing a puck.

Nashville managed to kill off the penalty, but they were unable to capitalize on any of their late period chances and headed into the locker room down a single goal once again.

The Predators had a nice chance a few minutes into the third period on a breakaway, but they were unable to score. They kept up the pressure, getting a few more chances through the first 10 minutes of the third period, and with 9 minutes left, the Preds headed to the power play for the first time all night.

They got a few good chances, but they were unable to score on the power play. They continued to put pucks on net, but they were unable to solve Anton Forsberg, ending the game with a score of 2-1.

Random Observations

  • And this is why I struggle to believe in anything anymore. Prince Fil is not playing tonight
  • But the Juuse is loose
  • This pregame show already makes me upset that today’s game is on NBC
  • “It’s playoff hockey for them” - PK Subban (We all know how that went last April)
  • That’s a nice start, hopefully the shots continue
  • Unlucky turn there for Fiala, not a great offside to take
  • The Preds have started this game off very sloppy, at least there’s time to turn it around
  • It may not have gone in, but hey, at least Joey shot the puck
  • Yup. There’s the first fight. This is going to be fun, ladies and gentlemen
  • Fiala really wants that goal-of-the-year award
  • There were a lot of great opportunities there, too bad one of them couldn’t have gone in
  • So, um, there’s a lot of rust to shake off
  • The stats say 18 first period turnovers. 18. That’s one more than the total number of shots (on goal) in the first period.
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin Watson just gave Wingels the business there
  • Penalty = kilt
  • This game has calmed down a lot
  • Joey shooting, getting his own rebound, not shooting, turning the puck over, and then hustling to get it back and save a breakaway is the most Ryan Johansen rollercoaster sequence ever
  • That was just a nice shot. Thankfully we’re only down one.
  • Aaand they’re back on the power play
  • I think we got away with one there, but I need to mute this TV right now before I throw it out the window
  • That was a nice clear and then almost-goal for Jarny
  • Penalty = kilt (that’s two)
  • That was an oddly delayed whistle there
  • This third period is showing a lot of fight from the Preds, now let’s just get one in
  • Subban back with Ekholm later in this game, maybe they can do something.
  • Finally getting a power play...
  • ...And of course we can’t score
  • That was not a good game, but it also was not a bad game

OTF’s Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. Kyle Turris - He scored the Preds only goal and was all over the ice tonight
  2. Kevin Fiala - He was so close on nearly every shot he took, hopefully next time he can put one or two in the net.
  3. Scott Hartnell - Picked up an assist and stood up for his teammate. What more can you ask for from him?

Tweets of the Night

Game Video