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Nashville Predators 3, Winnipeg Jets 0: Two Teams Can’t Lose

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

The Nashville Predators defeated the Winnipeg Jets by a final score of 3-0 Thursday night in Bridgestone Arena. This was the first contest between the two teams since the the Jets eliminated the Predators in game seven of the Western Conference Semifinals, and tensions ran high. Punches were thrown, sticks were held high, and the Predators managed to emerge victorious.

As far as wins go, this was the worst possible way that the Predators could win a game. Despite Winnipeg taking a ridiculous amount of penalties, perhaps only an interference penalty where Ryan Ellis was shoved into the net was truly malicious. A lot of their penalties looked like the result of being tired. They were on the penalty kill eight times and have yet to play a home game, so it makes sense. However, Zac Rinaldo and Miikka Salomäki attempted their best Mighty Ducks “Bash Brothers” impersonations and, in doing so, made the Predators look dirtier than the actual Anaheim Ducks. Late hits and dangerous charges into the backs by the two rightfully drew the ire of Winnipeg, initiating numerous fights across the ice. The Jets had their penalties, but the Predators were undoubtedly the dirtier team of the two.

The third period looked better than the first two as the Predators killed off some key penalties, but one was the result of Rinaldo just punching and shoving Dustin Byfuglien after the second period as the two teams were skating to their benches. The other penalty was a stick penalty by Kevin Fiala that should never have happened were he in proper position. Regardless, the rest of the team shaped up and the Predators escaped with what appears to be a dominant scoreline despite the game being anything but that. Roman Josi scored from the slot on a broken play and Ryan Johansen then made a nifty move all alone on Connor Hellebuyck, but the Predators should be anything but content.

The Predators won a game 3-0 where Rinne stood on his head, the power play went 0-9, and they acted like the goons of the NHL. Should the Predators be complacent with this performance, this will be one long, long season.

Tweets of the Night

Random Observations

  • 14:54 in the first and campus WiFi is working again, here we go!
  • I see JOFA is back together. Half expected Fiala up there tonight, let’s see if Arvidsson can find his game.
  • Oof Joey just let that Jet walk into Rinne around 13:40. Not promising defensive zone play.
  • This zone coverage the Predators are using is not working. The moment that the Predator defenders swap and pick up a different Jet, the one with the puck is already halfway past them along the side.
  • Blake Wheeler cuts down the side again. Are the Predators just going to let the Jets cut in on them all night?
  • COLTON SISSONS WITH A CHANCE! Had the top corner free and it just went high. And Sissons nearly tips one in again!
  • Chiarot slashes Arvidsson and the Predators’ power play goes to “work.”
  • Oh, a one timer from the circle doesn’t score on the power play? Why I never!
  • This is the laziest power play in the league. Not one part of it is creative.
  • P.K. Subban gets high sticked by Patrik “#FortniteFinn” Laine and the Predators go back on the power play for four minutes.
  • Nice block by Forsberg after the lost faceoff to keep the puck in the offensive zone.
  • Catch your passes Ellis, c’mon.
  • Another one timer from the left circle? Give me a break.
  • Nice little play from P.K. faking the shot and sending it to an open Honey Badger. Unfortunately Smith’s shot goes just high.
  • It’s one thing to have a bad power play. It’s another thing to have a bad power play and have not one creative idea. Six minutes with the advantage in an eight minute span and the Predators skate away with nothing to show for it.
  • Pathetic.
  • First period is over. The power play woes sure aren’t.
  • Second period underway!
  • RYAN HARTMAN WITH THE NIFTY MOVES. 1-0 Predators as he picks up a D-to-D pass by the Jets and skates it down the ice, making a move with his backhand to tuck it five-hole past Hellebuyck!
  • I swear every time Filip Forsberg gets punched, he’s laughing.
  • After all the shenanigans, the Predators get a chance to correct being 0-9 on the PP to start the season.
  • Well I wasn’t expecting Nick Bonino to be the first Predator to show some life on the power play, but here we are with him cutting in and making a nice play with Josi. No goal, but we’re looking for moral victories here.
  • 0-10.
  • And now Rinaldo drills a Jet after the puck goes out of play. Not loving this Predators squad.
  • Ehlers picks up an interference penalty shoving Ellis into the Predators’ net with money around.
  • Honestly, the Jets can take as many penalties as they want. Predators won’t do a thing. And the Jets almost score shorthanded.
  • 0-5 on the night. Referees signal another penalty on Winnipeg. What does the fourth line do? Salomäki runs a Jet elbow first straight into the back on a clear charge and all hell breaks loose. Is running guys late really the hill this team wants to die on?
  • Great, looks like Ekholm and Sissons are getting major penalties. Great work boys. Keep playing dirty and “defending your guys.” I’m disgusted, confused, and if you can’t tell, a little angry.
  • How did Salomaki not get ejected for that hit??? Holy hell.
  • Rocco Grimaldi died for this?
  • Preds go on the power play I guess. Don’t get excited.
  • Bonino gets drilled by Byfuglien from behind with 18 seconds left on the PP and the Preds go 5 on 3. If they can’t score here, cancel the season.
  • No goal in the 18 seconds with a two man advantage. Fiala almost scored on a rebound but Hellebuyck makes one heck of a save. Incredible. Morrisey slashes Smith, putting the Preds up 5 on 3 for a minute and a half.
  • On review, I don’t see a slash there. Winnipeg got hosed by the refs on that one. Smith just kind of falls on his own.
  • A ONE TIMER FROM THE HIGH CIRCLE??? You spend a minute of 5-3 and THAT’S the best that this team can come up with??
  • Ellis one times it now and the two man advantage is gone.
  • Even strength, the season’s officially cancelled. It was a nice whole four games, gang.
  • The period is over but the nightmare isn’t. 1-0 Predators despite them trying to play their very worst.
  • HAH Rinaldo punches Byfuglien after the period ended as the teams were heading to the locker rooms. Preds start the third on the penalty kill. Can’t make this stuff up folks.
  • Okay, so Ekholm isn’t gone from the game, his major just carried over to the third so he left the ice. Great effort by Dan Hamhuis on the penalty kill. Preds kill off Rinaldo’s idiocy. Real nifty 2-on-2 by Arvidsson and Johansen, but nothing comes of it.
  • JOSI SCORES! A 2-on-2 with Hartman and Järnkrok is broken up, but the puck bounces to Ellis who dishes to Josi in the slot.
  • 2-0 Predators.
  • Fiala takes a penalty and the Jets go back on the power play.
  • Pekka Rinne is the team’s best penalty killer right now. Some phenomenal saves on fellow countryman #FortniteFinn.
  • Fiala comes out of the box and the penalty is killed.
  • JOHANSEN SCORES! After getting a nice pass from Arvidsson, he makes a half-spin move and roofs the puck backhand on Hellebuyck right in the crease. 3-0 Predators.
  • I’m hesitant to say that the Predators are playing well this period. Winnipeg has to be exhausted from killing all of these penalties, and it looks like that’s more of a factor right now than the Predators’ play.
  • Craig Smith gets elbowed in the side without the puck, but dives and holds his head. Winnipeg takes a penalty for interference anyways.
  • Are we the bad guys? This feels like we’re the bad guys.
  • Craig Smith just went down the tunnel. I’m still confused because that hit was nowhere near his head.
  • Shorthanded breakaway for Wheeler, Rinne comes up big.
  • I have no words left for this power play. Winnipeg kills it off.
  • Can I pull a Maurice Richard and leave the rest of this article blank?

  • Predators win 3-0.