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Nashville Predators 4, San Jose Sharks 5: Third Period Collapse

Viktor Arvidsson and Filip Forsberg have some of their best games of the season but the Sharks come out on top.

NHL: San Jose Sharks at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

For two periods, the Predators looked every ounce the best hockey team in the NHL.

Unfortunately, two periods was all they could muster as the San Jose Sharks scored three unanswered goals in the third period to defeat the Predators by the score of 5-4. While Viktor Arvidsson and Filip Forsberg had great games, the second line did not, as they were at fault for the vast majority of San Jose’s chances and, accordingly, goals.

The first forty minutes were some of the best that the Predators have played all season. However, you have to play sixty and the Predators just could not do so.

Random Observations

  • We’re recording an episode of Two For Podcasting during the game! If you haven’t given the show a listen yet, be sure to check it out here.
  • Power play for the Predators off of a high stick penalty for the Sharks!
  • Almost forgot that Predators power plays mean “two minutes of no scoring”
  • Oof. 1-0 Sharks.
  • Vlasic couldn’t keep in a bouncing puck and, by the time he turned around, Arvidsson was already in possession of the puck behind him. Great hustle play gets Arvidsson a breakaway and he moves to his backhand to tie the game up.
  • Really not that impressed by the Sharks thus far. Maybe my expectations were simply sky high.
  • Second period underway!
  • FILIP FORSBERG SCORES! Right as the period begins, Erik Karlsson can’t tie Forsberg’s stick up and he gets a great chance that is capitalized on.
  • Tough goal for Saros to give up there. Johansen pinched a little too hard and let the Sharks get a 3-on-2 back the other way. Saros still almost had the save, he just needed his leg to be two inches longer.
  • Johansen almost scores on the rush batting the puck out of mid air in on the rush! A nifty little play where he was nearly all alone, some impressive hand-eye coordination to almost put the puck in out of the air.
  • A Filip Forsberg poke check earned Arvidsson another breakaway but he couldn’t convert. Forsberg forechecked hard and corralled the puck. Then, via a no-look pass through four defenders, Forsberg dished it back to Arvidsson, who circled back into the slot for an easy goal. Arvidsson may have scored, but that goal was from the work of Forsberg in both ends of the ice.
  • Oh dear God not another powerplay for the Preds.
  • Yup, no goals. Nice movement to start with them trying to find Filip Forsberg in the slot. I’d prefer they use Forsberg on the half-wall instead but, hey, at least they know they have to try something different.
  • San Jose almost scores on their powerplay with Craig Smith in the box. Must be nice.
  • Arvidsson gets the puck and he shovels it right off to Craig Smith as he jumps out of the box. Nice 2-on-1 play and Arvidsson is having himself one heck of an evening.
  • Did Evander Kane just run Ekholm five seconds after the period buzzer?
  • Proud of the Preds for not fighting after that one. Big patience by Ekholm there.
  • No penalty on Kane, okay then. Third period underway.
  • Sharks are buzzing to start the period. Predators are doing well to weather the storm.
  • OH JUUSE! Some big stops.
  • Oh no, Vlasic looks hurt.
  • Preds on the penalty kill.
  • Other than the rush on the second penalty, the Predators have looked good on the penalty kill.
  • Delay of game for San Jose! Preds get another chance to prove their power play isn’t an embarrassment.
  • Aaaaaand they don’t score.
  • Sharks score shorthanded, because of course.
  • Another goal. It’s tied 4-4.
  • Ugh. 5-4 Sharks on the power play.
  • Predators have to play a full 60 minutes. This third period has been bad.
  • Empty net, timeout. Can the Predators find any magic?
  • Nope. 5-4 Sharks is your final score.

Three Stars

  1. Brent Burns (1-2-3)
  2. Viktor Arvidsson (2-1-3)
  3. Filip Forsberg (1-1-2)

Tweets of the Night