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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Shark Bitten

Everything was great, until it wasn’t.

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NHL: San Jose Sharks at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Rants

Nashville Predators 4, San Jose Sharks 5: Third Period Collapse | On the Forecheck
JOFA was one fire, Juuse Saros was rolling, and everything was going great. This game was in the bag, until it wasn’t. It looked like they were going to tie it back up towards the end but just ran out of time.

Don’t panic, it’s still October. These things happen.

But just remember it wasn’t all bad!

Predators goalie Juuse Saros' relationship with Pekka Rinne paying off | The Tennessean
The pressure of being the heir to the Pekka Rinne throne has to be heavy. I think Saros is finding his own groove, and he’s probably better off doing his own thing than trying to imitate Rinne in the long run.

WWE superstars Lana, Rusev turn Roman Josi, Ryan Johansen into stars | The Tennessean
I don’t know anything about wrestling but I do know I could have gone my entire life without ever seeing Ryan Johansen in cut-off jean shorts.

Haggerty’s NHL Power Rankings: Settling in at the top | Yahoo Sports
All that power!


Kane, Saad lead Blackhawks past Ducks 3-1 | ESPN
Meanwhile...the rest of the Anaheim Ducks still hate John Gibson.

Hockey fans keep stealing Braden Holtby’s pucks meant for young children | For The Win
These videos make me cringe. Stop doing this. You know someone out there is going to take a video of you and blast you all over the internet and then everyone you know is going to pretend they don’t know you for a few weeks.

Just don’t steal the puck from the little kid.

NHL Rumors: Toronto Maple Leafs and William Nylander – Part 4029
I’m not really invested in any of the Nylander rumors, I just found it funny they used a photo of him eating the boards in an article about his trade worthiness.

Mats Sundin not surprised Leafs asking stars to take less money | CBC Sports
Spend a few years collecting number one draft picks, try to convince them to sign lowball contracts, and then wonder why they leave. Seems like a vicious cycle that only ends in Toronto losing.

The Toronto Maple Leafs Needed An American To Become Stanley Cup Contenders Again | FiveThirtyEight
Canadians everywhere are gathering data and creating PowerPoint presentations to prove this headline wrong.