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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Hockey Is Here

The nightmare before October, also known as the off-season is over. October is here. Hockey. Is. Here.

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NHL: Preseason-Tampa Bay Lightning at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Rants

Predators Set 2018-19 Opening Night Roster | NHL
The roster looks awfully familiar, with a new and familiar face or two. For now it looks like Freddy G has earned himself a spot, and maybe this time it will stick.

Nashville Predators Season Preview: A Vezina Trophy Winner & His Successor | AtoZ Sports
Speaking of familiar faces, our old friend Alex is looking at this season with the Vezina Winning Pekka Rinne between the pipes, and the shift to life after Rinne.

After historic season, questions remain about Predators upcoming season | WKRN
We’re very familiar with this team, watching what they can do now that they’ve had a season to adjust to each other should be nothing short of a fun time.

Two pivotal questions for the 2018-19 Nashville Predators | AtoZ Sports
I said it every single game during the playoffs last season: STAY. OUT. OF. THE. BOX.

For every second the Preds spend taking a dumb penalty, they’re missing an opportunity. For every 2 minutes a Nashville player spends in the penalty box, that’s 2 minutes the other team is creating opportunities with a man advantage.

I know this. You know this. The Preds know this. It’s simple, but for some reason the Preds can’t seem to stick to their disciple. It’s frustrating to the point it can be unbearable to watch. If anything came from this long offseason I hope it’s a fix to this problem.

Post 2 Post: Ranking the NHL’s top starting goalies | TSN
Whoa! I know most of the league respects Rinne and what he’s done for Nashville, but I’m honestly shocked to see him ranked number 2 on this list.

Not surprising: a former Nashville goalie coming in at 29 out of 31.

NHL Power Rankings: Can Capitals avoid Stanley Cup hangover? Lightning start No. 1 | CBS Sports
I’m pretty sure the Capitals will be hung over well after the banner is raised and the puck is dropped. I don’t expect the fog to lift until at least November.

All You Need Is Spite: A Very Emotional NHL Season Preview | Deadspin
““Good” at “Hockey”” might be my new favorite ranking system. The knife emojis next to the “Spite” ranking are fun too.

NHL - Experts' bold predictions, trade deadline rentals, teams most deserving of a Stanley Cup, must-watch teams | ESPN
I'm honestly surprised Artemi Panarin wasn't traded over the summer. I'll be even more surprised if we make it to 2019 with him still in Columbus.

Also, they said the nicest things about the Preds in the Cup predictions.

NHL is moving forward with Seattle expansion bid | USA Today
Seattle could be awarded the NHL's 32nd franchise as early as December. They could be playing hocking by 2020.

NHL, NBC hoping to make Wednesday must-see TV for hockey | USA Today
I guess it’s a good thing Wednesday Night Football isn’t a thing.