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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: No Tricks, Just Treats

Happy Halloween Y’all!

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NHL: Vegas Golden Knights at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Rants

Nashville Predators 4, Vegas Golden Knights 1: Secondary Scoring Shows Up With a Vengeance | On the Forecheck
The Preds really came to life in the second period, I guess killing enough penalties will do that to a team.

Meanwhile their power play still keeps me up at night.

Nashville Predators mock Golden Knights in hilarious pregame show | USA Today
Gritty may be new and fun, but Gnash is still number one in the league when it comes to putting on a mascot show!

NHL Power Rankings: Nashville Still Settled at the Top |
If Nashville can find themselves at the top of power rankings with their miserable power play, and key players still trying to find their game, imagine what they can do when it all finally comes together?

NHL - Ranking the top lines, including Bergeron-Marchand-Pastrnak, Landeskog-MacKinnon-Rantanen and more | ESPN
JOFA Today. JOFA Tomorrow. JOFA Forever. Wait...JOFA's number 4?

Canada legalization: Could the NHL be a leader in pot policy? | USA Today
"Give me the science first and last because you can't refute science"

You don't say?

Penguins to wear patch honoring shooting victims | NHL | Sporting News
Much respect to the Penguins for honoring the victims of such a horrible tragedy.

‘What is hockey?’ Bellemare’s unlikely journey to the NHL | News 8000
“The coach went to my mom and was like, ‘hockey or figure skating, choose one, but they shouldn’t go and play soccer.’”

That’s a good coach!

NHL Will Own League-Wide Tracking Tech Set to Debut in 2019-20 | Sport Techie
It only makes sense, if you know what you need the technology to do, and you know it doesn’t exist, why not invest the time, energy, and money into creating something that does exactly what you want it to.

Jay Baruchel on the state of hockey in Canada, says NHL is ‘boring’ |
What? Honestly Jay...maybe if you weren’t following Montreal you wouldn’t feel this way. They don’t have fun there anymore. Fun goes to Montreal to die now. Pick a new team, you’ll feel better.

How puck luck impacts the NHL standings | TSN
“It seems like no one is happy in Anaheim despite an injury-depleted roster managing a .500 start to the regular season.”

Puck luck or not, no team should make their goalie face upwards of 71 shots a night. I mean what did John Gibson do to you guys? Why do you hate him?

What NHL goalies are saying about smaller equipment | SportsNet
Meanwhile I’m still on team: I don’t think goalie equipment makes that big of a difference, there are bigger things that need fixing in this league.

The Most Iconic Mask in NHL History | NHL
By iconic, they mean ugly right? Because that mask was ugly.