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Nashville Predators 4, San Jose Sharks 5: California Dreamin’

...of a win (and a solid night’s sleep)

NHL: Nashville Predators at San Jose Sharks Neville E. Guard-USA TODAY Sports

The Nashville Predators played the second half of a back-to-back against the San Jose Sharks. Coming off of a shoot-out loss to the Anaheim Ducks, the Preds hoped to strike back against another West Coast team, that happens to be my brother’s favorite.

In the first period, the Sharks got off to a quick start with a goal from Marcus Sorenson, putting them up 1-0. With Filip Forsberg in the box, Joe Pavelski scored almost immediately on the power play, putting them up 2-0. Later, the Preds watched as Antti Suomela scored another goal, making it 3-0. Mercifully, the clock ran out of time.

The second period started with a goal off Craig Smith’s skate as a power play expired and was quickly followed up by a Forsberg steal that resulted in a goal putting the Preds within one at 3-2. Toward the end of the period, Forsberg found the back of the net to even things out at 3-3.

During the third period, Rocco Grimaldo earns his first point as a Predator and earns the Preds their first lead of the night with a beauty of a goal. The Preds held the lead for 10 or so action packed minuted until Joe Pavelski tied the game back up at 4-4. Immediately afterwards, Joe Thornton gives the Sharks the lead 5-4. Despite a valiant effort with Juuse Saros on the bench, the Predators were unable to even things back up and fell, for the second time, to the Sharks.

Random Observations

  • Here we go...
  • Great save by Juuse Saros is followed up by a net front shot by Sorenson, giving the Sharks an early 1-0 lead.
  • After six minutes, the Preds are on pace for 0 shots tonight.
  • Oh, good, a chance to kill a pena...nevermind, Pavelski scored.
  • Still no shots for the Preds.
  • First shot officially at 11:25. Nice.
  • Oh, good, another chance to kill a penalty. Success!
  • Nice save by Saros against Evander Kane.
  • Why do the Preds hate Juuse?
  • Antti Suomela just took advantage of the plethora of opportunities the Sharks were given. 3-0.
  • Nice to see Matt Irwin survived the first three minutes in the locker room.
  • INTERMISSION REFLECTION: I now know how to spell Antti Suomela.
  • 2nd period. Let’s see if the Preds have made some adjustments.
  • Couple of good shots followed by Bonino to the box.
  • Nice effort by Ekholm and now we’re 4 on 4.
  • 4 on 4 turns into a Power Play and a nice Ryan Johansen pass goes off of Craig Smith’s skate for a goal! 3-1
  • Goal is under review...and its uphelp! MOMENTUM SHIFT!
  • Craig Smith is not impressed with his skate goal.
  • Yannick Weber just saved that one!
  • Saros looks great tonight, I can’t pin any of those early goals on him.
  • Preds to the PP...they scored on the last one...can they even the score with a follow up?
  • Nope.
  • Garbage interference call on Ryan Ellis. Back on the PK.
  • Some shorthanded chances...and now a 5 on 3 for too many men.
  • So far, so good on the PK. Bonino was the PK MVP there.
  • Forsberg with two goals, now. Tie game! 3-3!
  • Sissons almost made it 4-3!
  • 20 more minutes, make’em count!
  • And now, the Power Play...continues to underwhelm.
  • I’m getting a little tired, I hope the boys stay woke for the last ten minutes.
  • Too much action in our zone for my taste.
  • Of course, Pavelski ties the game.
  • And, literally, seconds later, Joe Thornton gives them the lead. Crap.
  • Did you know that P.K. Subban left the game in the second period?
  • San Jose chanting sounds terrible.
  • Empty Nets...ugh
  • So many chances; so many saves.
  • That’s game.

Tweets of the Night

Three Stars of the Game

  1. Rocco Grimaldi - had they been able to hang on to the lead, it would have been a thing of legend.
  2. Filip Forsberg - stepped up when it mattered and left everything on the ice.
  3. Craig Smith’s skate - Sharp goal there...