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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Hey it’s good to be back home again.

In which we all are thankful for more reasonable start times over the next two weeks.

Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

Not Hockey:

We drove down to Nashville yesterday to attend the Scott Hamilton and Friends benefit at Bridgestone Arena. Wow! If you have never been, write yourself a reminder to buy tickets next year. If you have been and didn’t go this year, you need to write yourself a reminder to buy tickets next year. Excellent skating and great live music all for $70 or under, with the proceeds benefiting cancer research. The best per dollar entertainment value we’ve had in quite some time.

Smashville News:

Jarnkrok to lead Predators vs Lightning after hat trick | Fox Sports - Nice things about Calle Jarnkrok in this piece. Let’s see how it ages. (Pretty well.)

As it’s late and the recap hasn’t been scheduled yet, I will direct you to the right of this post for all the details of the Nashville Predators win over the Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Week That Was: Week 6 | On The Forecheck - Christopher with a review of last week. ***whispers*** Maybe the grade was a little harsh?

A photo from the archives (but not linked before). Dozer is one large dude.

Central Division News:

Blues fall hard in San Jose | St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Raise your hand if you are surprised that Mike Yeo still has a job. Raise your other hand if you are not surprised Jake Allen is totally in his own head to start the year. All the Hands Go Up!!

Avalanche superfans brought to tears by Landeskog hospital visit | Fox News - Hockey players are good folk. A visit like this must be pretty difficult.

What’s up with Vesalainen? Finnish forward back with Jets, at least for now | Winnipeg Sun - Stop me if you’ve heard this before. A Finnish player signs an ELC with an out clause to return to Europe. What will he do?

Other Hockey News:

Scorching Sabres rank among NHL’s early-season elite | Buffalo Hockey Beat - I’m not sure I’d go right to elite just yet, but the Buffalo Sabres have certainly been on a tear. We see you Phil Housley !

Goalies’ aptitude for reading comprehension vital | NHL - First off, they are not talking about SAT scores here. The referenced reading is of options available, who has the puck, how they will shoot, etc. Interesting explanation of some of those five-hole goals we lament.

Matthews practices with Maple Leafs, but no return date set | NHL - Quite a few words to say not much more than what is in the title. I predict Auston Matthews will go far.

Why haven’t there been more PED cases in the NHL? | ESPN - Today’s somewhat long read that I found very interesting. Needless to say the players and the pundits have differing opinions. The Abrams tank analogy was quite good.

Super Slow Mo: Week 6 | NHL - Okay Slow Mo, your last chance is here.....Waiting..... Hey! Dylan Larkin uses the P.K. Subban celly. Hi Juusse Saros! Sorry. Hey! A Scott Darling save of yore. Why has Pittsburgh stolen our gold jersey look? Are those their thirds? Hi PK Subban! You just hug that out with Jamie Benn. Hi again Juuse (I think)! Sorry again. Hi PK! Rock on. Hi Pekka Rinne! Sorry. Hi Mattias Ekholm! Nice pass from Kyle Turris, sweet goal and an epic hug with PK! Well Slow Mo, I am going to give you a one week pass - see Christopher’s weekly summary.

Ask Me Anything - What is the future of hitting in hockey? | The Hockey News - Actually multiple good questions in the mailbag. Obviously though, hitting will be less a part of hockey than in the past.

Bye Bye Broad Street Bullies. The Flyers don’t have a fight yet. | Yahoo Sports - See above.

Hospital for Sick Children kids make video of jokes for injured Matthews | NHL - Some of these are really funny - some are just really punny.