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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Double Shot

Of anything that will keep us awake as we embark on our annual trip of late night starts and not remembering what day it is.

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Coca Cola To Buy Costa Coffee For £3.9 billion Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

Predators: Pekka Rinne talks backup role, expansion draft | The Tennessean
I imagine that even if he doesn’t win the Cup, Rinne would retire before uprooting the home he’s built in Nashville to go play for another team for a season or two at best.

I know hockey players would play forever if they could, but for the most part, every one not named Jaromir Jagr seems fairly reasonable when it comes to retirement.

Predators: Mike Fisher puts new twist on Carrie Underwood song | The Tennessean
Uhhh...glad to see you’re keeping busy Fish!

NHL FAQ on the Chicago Blackhawks firing of Joel Quenneville | ESPN
Tough break for Quenneville. Sure the Blackhawks haven’t played up to “dynasty” expectations the past few seasons but not all of that can be blamed on Q.

Mark’s not wrong.

Unexpected, undeserved Quenneville firing leaves no NHL coach safe | SportsNet
Is any job really safe in hockey or any sport? Coaches carry a bigger burden than most, especially considering, like in Quenneville’s case (arguably), they have to take the fall for the GM’s moves.

Hockey is brutal.

Colliton becomes coach of Blackhawks, youngest in NHL | NHL
He’s brave. Being the youngest coach in NHL history is a big deal. Taking over a failing Chicago team riddled with cap problems, aging players, and an angry fanbase upset over the loss of their 3x Cup winning coach...well that’s a big mess to be dropped into.

And on a Tuesday! The nerve!

Ok, I’m done talking about Chicago...for now.

Has the rest of the NHL caught up to the Penguins? | PensBurgh
I think it’s more a matter of the Penguins are aging. Crosby, Malkin, Kessel, they’re not getting any younger. Meanwhile the new Crosbys and Malkins are making their way into the league.

Let’s be honest, I don’t think there will ever be another Phil Kessel in the NHL. And I’m not sure if I mean that as a compliment or an insult.

NHL - Adidas reinvents Original Six jerseys in EA Sports' 'NHL 19' | ESPN
These all look like rejected away jerseys or ugly holiday sweaters.

NHL cancer survivor scores special hat trick | USA Today
If you need a feel good sports story today, here it is.

NHL - Roundtable on Stanley Cup Final picks, breakout players, surprising teams | ESPN
Winnipeg vs. Tampa Bay in the Cup Final...sounds uh...okay? In terms of talent it’s a great match, but in reality the Jets will get frustrated, try to beat up Steven Stamkos and then lose in six games.

Meanwhile Tampa Bay will somehow also lose because they’ve been on the cusp of being Stanley Cup Champions for so long now I’m not sure anyone would remember to care.

Uber reminder: Retreating still safe play for NHL players | Yahoo Sports
Was this an embarrassing slip or a plea to get them out of Ottawa?

I find it hard to believe that grown adults who are used to having zero privacy didn’t give a second thought to having an open conversation about their jobs in an Uber. Or maybe they were like ‘whatever, Ottawa’s already on fire let’s just add some fuel’. Although badmouthing your current organization and openly admitting to not paying attention for weeks is probably a good way to make sure no one makes a trade for you. #DucheneWatchCancelled

I don’t know, hockey is brutal... maybe next time just download Lyft.