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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: Embrace the Skid

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It could always be worse.

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Nashville Predators v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

Five-Hole Friday: Christmas Snipes | On the Forecheck
Rachel recaps this week's woes and the not so bad stuff too.’s not all bad.

Predators center Colton Sissons joins P.K. Subban, Filip Forsberg on IR | The Tennessean
Well...that’s not great.

It might seem like the Preds are collapsing from injuries left and right, but it's not the end of the world. It's a long season and we're about to reach that point where teams will be making their playoff push. I'd rather see the Preds limp through December (and a few games none of us really care about—let’s be honest) to be in peak condition from February through the playoffs.

Predators star PK Subban's holiday surprises bring tears to your eyes | USA Today
"It's not about getting eyes on yourself...It's about getting eyes on the right things."

*starts slow clap*

I still don’t understand how anyone can not like P.K. Subban.

European Preds Share Unique Christmas Traditions | NHL
They have to wait all day to open presents!?!


That just seems cruel.

Preds players: Who’s naughty or nice? | WKRN
“‘Guys who get bad penalties, that’s kinda naughty, right?’ said Captain Roman Josi.”

What a cinnamon roll. The world doesn’t deserve you, Josi.

NHL -- Greg Wyshynski Friday wish list: Ten NHL players, teams that want a reset from 2018 | ESPN
In-case you need a list of just how bad things could you go. Things may look dire in Nashville on the surface...but in reality it can be and is much, much worse around the league.

Former NHL player Dan Carcillo is fighting for better concussion protection, education for players -
“I was held accountable for my actions in the league — if I was late or if I played outside of the rules I got suspended, I got fined, and I took it. They held me accountable. And now that’s all I’m trying to do [with] these guys, who are responsible for lying to us.”

For Gary Bettman to continue to dismiss medical research is dangerous. Carcillo is right: they hold the players accountable for so much, half the time it feels like they're not even allowed to have personalities, but no one is holding the league accountable for refusing to further educate themselves on the dangers of CTE and brain injuries. It's disheartening and creates yet another ugly culture in the NHL.

The Players, Coaches and Trends That Will Define Hockey in 2019 |
I’ve read a lot of articles throwing around trading Patrick Kane lately. Honestly, I can’t even imagine teams entertaining that kind of cap hit. His production hasn’t been bad this season, Chicago as a whole has just been...bad.

I’d be shocked if he or Jonathan Toews were ever traded. Never say never, but it seems highly unlikely.

Although I said the same thing about Shea Weber about two months before he was traded, so what do I know!