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Nashville Predators 6, Washington Capitals 3: Preds Win Big for Moms

I am not sorry for all the mom tweets below. Can the Nashville moms be on every road trip?

NHL: Nashville Predators at Washington Capitals Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Capitals came quick and fast in today’s New Year’s Eve tilt. The boys were joined by their moms on this short road trip. (Mom trips are so cool!!!)

With less than 5 minutes gone in the first, Michal Kempny flipped a wrister towards Pekka Rinne and beat the Finnish goaltender for Washington’s first of the afternoon. The puck might have been tipped by T.J. Oshie. Once again, Nashville would be down early in the game. The Capitals added another goal from Jakub Vrana with 11:05 remaining in the first.

Surprise...the Predators were unable to convert on an early power play. I know you’ve heard this one before.

The Predators were quick to answer the early Capitals push with a tip-in by Rocco Grimaldi on a sweet dish from Zac Rinaldo. The FS-TN cameras showed a beautiful shot of Grimaldi’s mom tearing up after her son’s goal.

The Predators were caught in a line change (ALL FIVE GUYS) and Devonte Smith-Pelly and Chandler Stephenson converted for Washington’s third goal of the afternoon. Nashville suddenly lost all their momentum they had been building in the second period. As if this game couldn’t get any odder, Nick Bonino and Miikka Salomaki converted for Nashville’s second goal of the afternoon with 10:03 remaining.

Ryan Johansen tied the game for Nashville with a little under 8 minutes remaining in the second period. Grimaldi and Frederick Gaudreau crashed in on Holtby about two minutes later for Nashville’s fourth goal of the contest. The Predators looked to be playing with increased confidence as the second period drew to a close. Intense pressure around Holtby resulted in tons of chances for the Preds.

Mattias Ekholm was sent to the box with 15:03 remaining in the third for Washington’s first power play of the afternoon. The Predators were able to kill the power play and stop the dangerous shot of Alex Ovechkin. Johansen and Arvidsson set up Ryan Ellis for Nashville’s fifth goal of the afternoon. The Capitals continued to pressure Rinne with under 10 minutes left in the third period.

Nashville was rewarded with a 5-on-3 power play with around 3 minutes left in the third. Arvidsson banged home the 6th goal of the game ON THE POWER PLAY.

It’s evident what the Preds need in order to win...their moms. These ladies are so supportive of their boys and spent the last few minutes of the third period waving at other Preds fans in the crowd. I can imagine how happy they are for today’s win.

Random Observations

  • Mom’s trip!
  • The moms are in the old Reebok away jerseys
  • Please don’t let this be an ugly game, boys!
  • It’s an ugly game.
  • Rocco Grimaldi’s mom crying after his goal is the sweetest thing. These moms make me want to be a hockey mom!
  • What a freaking tip by Grimaldi! #TeamGrimaldi
  • Viktor Arvidsson with an breakaway attempt stopped by Braden Holtby. The Caps crowd is chanting for their goalie.
  • WHY CHANGE ALL FIVE GUYS AT THE SAME TIME???????????? What an awful decision.
  • Miikka Salomaki?
  • Scored a goal?
  • And it was NOT in an empty net?
  • Miikka’s mom high-fiving other moms is the content we need. Also: Miikka’s mom hugging Pekka’s mom is content we need.
  • The shot of Joey’s mom was adorable. “JOEY!!!” Bring more moms to more games.
  • Freddy G celebrating! Momma G celebrating! I can’t stop.
  • Happy clapping moms!!!!! I am just as excited as these wonderful ladies are.
  • Alex Ovechkin’s shot is terrifying. Pekka Rinne is up to the challenge.
  • RYAN ELLIS! Mom reactions are better than the goal celebrations on-ice.
  • Ryan x Ryan x Viktor = goal #5
  • That’s the...5th broken stick of the game?
  • Are the #PredsMoms what the team needed?
  • #PredsMoms cheering in the box!!!!!! They’re waving at other Preds fans in the crowd.
  • Mrs. Rinne is SO VERY HAPPY to be wearing #35.
  • #PredsMoms at every game, please.

Super Duper Stars of the Game

  1. The Nashville Moms. If you wanted any other first star of the game, you obviously missed Ryan Johansen’s mom dancing and dishing out high-fives to every other mom in the box.
  2. Rocco Grimaldi: His speed is only matched by Viktor Arvidsson. He notched a goal and added an assist for his mom.
  3. Mattias Ekholm: Two assists for the tall blonde-bearded Swede.
  4. Ryan Johansen: The guy can score AND he can dish some sweet feeds for goals. Plus...his mom calls him “Joey.”

Tweets of the Game

Game Video