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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Seattle Reign

Brace yourselves...expansion draft hysteria is coming.

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NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Seattle Seahawks James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Rants

Despite Injuries, Grueling Schedule, Preds Still Finding Success | NHL
Adapt and overcome. The Preds will have to adjust their game until Forsberg, Arvidsson, Turris, and Subban return, and so far they’ve been doing just fine.

Three reasons why the Nashville Predators will survive their latest injury crisis | AtoZSports
And here’s three reasons why the Preds are doing just fine from our old friend, Alex. Hi Alex!

Who’s Winning Games in Milwaukee? | On the Forecheck
Eric takes a look at the goaltending in Milwaukee, and it’s not bad despite some early season worries.

We tried, and failed, to rain on Seattle's NHL parade | ESPN
No one thought Vegas would work for obvious reasons. Vegas didn't have any professional sports teams, and Arizona didn't help concerns about hockey in the desert. But Seattle has professional sports teams and is in a market where hockey makes sense.

Fans abuzz after NHL awards its 32nd franchise to Seattle | USA Today
They already sold out season tickets before it was official. This was a shutout win for the NHL.

How NHL’s expansion to Seattle affects the Blackhawks | NBC Sports Chicago
There’s another team in the west to keep them out of the playoffs?

There’s another team that might look better in red and black?

Speaking of jerseys. If the above is what Seattle’s jersey colors will be, all Pacific teams except Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver will have black jersey schemes. Is it a rule if you’re a west coast team in the NHL you have to wear black?

Seattle NHL hockey jersey | The News Tribune
Green would work for Seattle, and keep them from looking like every other west coast team in the Pacific. They might be on to something with the Seattle Sea Lions or Seattle Kraken designs, but the Kraken needs something, that's a lot of green. Maybe throw in some black just so the new kids still fit in with the Cali teams and Vegas.

A different look at how the NHL could realign after expansion to 32 teams | PensBurgh
It makes zero sense to put Detroit in the Western Conference and Nashville in the East. Why do people want Detroit back in the West so bad? Time zones matter.

Detroit is on Eastern Standard Time, making them play teams on Central, Mountain, and Pacific Time is just cruel to their fans. It's all fine and well until there's a 10pm EST puck drop on a Monday night.

4 things we learned in the NHL: Lightning strikes in bunches | SportsNet
I’m coming around to the idea of a Predators vs. Lightning Stanley Cup Final.

NHL free agents might want to think about the short term, and cash in later | The Star
Given the amount of money teams have to work with, being backed into a corner until they cave seems like the fast track to Chicago style cap space issues. Good for the players, but bad for teams in a league that’s not working with NFL or NBA money.