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2018 NHL Trade Deadline: LIVE Updates & Thread

All the updates you could possibly want on today’s NHL trade deadline.

NHL: Ottawa Senators at Nashville Predators Steve Roberts-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to our 2018 Trade Deadline Day thread! Inside you will find updates on today’s trades and non-trades throughout the league. Of course we will give you updates on whatever the Predators do (hopefully nothing?) but it’s just as important to know what the rest of the league does.

Especially when all of a sudden the biggest name on the market is Erik freaking Karlsson.

Check back for updates to our trade tracker and our live timeline. Should be fun!

Trade Tracker (as of 2:00 PM CT)

  • Boston Bruins acquire Rick Nash from the Rangers, who get a 2018 1st round pick, 2019 7th round pick, Ryan Spooner, Matt Beleskey, and Ryan Lindgren in return.
  • Maple Leafs acquire Tomas Plekanec and Kyle Baun from the Canadiens, who get a 2018 2nd round pick, Kerby Rychel, and Rinat Valiev in return.
  • Oilers get Pontus Aberg, Blue Jackets get Mark Letestu, Predators get a 2018 4th round pick.
  • Predators get Brandon Bollig and Troy Grosenick from the Sharks, who get a 2018 6th round pick in return.
  • Blue Jackets acquire Ian Cole from the Senators, who get a 3rd round pick and Nick Moutrey.
  • Predators acquire Ryan Hartman and a 5th round pick from the Blackhawks, who get Victor Ejdsell, a 1st and a 4th in 2018.
  • Jets acquire Paul Stastny from the Blues. Holy geez.
  • Golden Knights get Philip Holm, Canucks get Brendan Leipsic.
  • San Jose Sharks acquire Evander Kane. Buffalo gets a 1st-round pick in 2019 (becomes a 2nd-round pick if Kane doesn’t re-sign), a 4th-round pick in 2020, and a prospect.
  • Ducks get Jason Chimera, Islanders get Chris Wagner.
  • Blue Jackets get Thomas Vanek. Canucks get Tyler Motte and Jussi Jokinen. Or do they? (They do.)
  • Golden Knights get Tomas Tatar, Red Wings get a 2018 1st-rounder, 2019 2nd-rounder, and 2021 3rd-rounder.
  • Flames get Nick Shore, Senators get a 2019 7th-rounder.
  • Jets get Joe Morrow, Canadiens get a 2018 4th-rounder.
  • Canadiens get Mike Reilly, Wild get the Capitals’ 2019 5th-rounder.
  • Penguins get Josh Jooris, Hurricanes get Greg McKegg.
  • Devils get Patrick Maroon, Oilers get a 3rd-round pick in 2019 and a prospect.
  • Lightning get Ryan McDonagh and J.T. Miller . Rangers get Vladislav Namestnikov, two prospects, the Lightning’s 2018 1st-rounder, and a conditional second-rounder.
  • Bruins get Tommy Wingels, Blackhawks get a conditional 5th-round pick in 2019.
  • Avalanche get Ryan Graves, Rangers get Chris Bigras.
  • Predators get Tyler Gaudet and John Ramage; Coyotes get Trevor Murphy, Pierre-Cédric Labrie, and Derek Army.

LIVE Thread

6:58 AM - Folks are having fun with the whole Erik Karlsson getting traded thing, but it would seriously be a disastrous move for that franchise. The ONLY guy that gets people to pay tickets for a game is going to get dealt? And from a team that is struggling to stay in Ottawa? Bad idea. This guy gets it.

7:17 AM - Mike Hoffman and Zack Smith are still available apparently. Senators gonna be able to ice a team tomorrow?

7:32 AM - Columbus trying to strip away players from Chicago and St. Louis? I AM A FAN

7:45 AM - Capitals checked in on Ryan McDonagh. Then, after remembering how last year’s defenseman deadline deal turned out, have apparently backed out.

7:58 AM - Breakfast time! Waffles and coffee sound good.

8:12 AM - Bryan Lawton on NHL Network saying that there seems to be more interest in McDonagh than Karlsson at this point, citing EK’s public comments and McDonagh’s friendlier cap hit.

8:29 AM - Well... hold the phone on the Karlsson madness:

8:40 AM - Ian Cole has been traded to the Blue Jackets.


8:45 AM - Between the rumors that Karlsson will prove too expensive and the (possible) beginning of the waterfall, the Red Wings might be able to move Mike Green after all. That’s good news for them.

9:10 AM - We’ve gone about 12 hours without hearing about Poile getting involved in a trade with a high end defensemen. This is truly unprecedented.

9:22 AM - There are rumors that the Preds might be interested in Patrick Maroon (who is definitely available).

9:30 AM - The Jets, the team no one wants to think about because they scare us too much, might be looking for a 3rd line center. If that team gets even more offensive help at the deadline, watch the heck out.

9:40 AM - It’s insane how often bad contracts dictate trade activity. If Bobby Ryan doesn’t have an absurd contract, how easy would it be for Ottawa to deal Karlsson?

9:44 AM - Blockbuster coming:

9:54 AM - Doesn’t sound like the Blackhawks will be moving Artem Anisimov.

9:56 AM - Max Pacioretty is on the ice for morning skate.

10:01 AM - Mike Fisher is back!

10:13 AM - Lawton now suggesting that the Vegas Golden Knights go after Mike Green. I do think their defense is suspect. He would be a good fit. Also, he might disrupt their chemistry and I’d be fine with that.

10:17 AM - We are now at the Paul Gaustad Hour of trade deadline day:


10:27 AM - Breakfast, mountain time. I fully expect to come back to absolute chaos.

10:44 AM - Friedman just said on NHL Network that the Chicago-Nashville thing could be about Ryan Hartman. WHY

10:53 AM - If Ian Cole is the only guy traded today, I will be so pissed.

10:57 AM - Hartman is, per multiple sources, the only player missing from Blackhawks practice.

10:59 AM - Trading for a piece like Hartman is a summer move, not a trade deadline move. Wait til then if you want him.

11:04 AM - They didn’t wait till then.

11:08 AM - Waiting on the return, meanwhile waiver claims are in.

11:09 AM - Nashville gets Hartman and a 2018 5th-round pick. Chicago gets the 2018 first-rounder Poile had been holding in reserve, plus a 2018 4th-round pick, plus Victor Ejdsell.

11:16 AM - The Winnipeg Jets have MADE A TRADE. They get Paul Stastny from the Blues for a conditional 2018 first-round pick, a conditional 2020 fourth-round pick, and a prospect. That’s a lot like what Poile just did, but more sensible.

11:24 AM - The Vegas Golden Knights have acquired defenseman Philip Holm from the Canucks for Brendan Leipsic.

11:38 AM - Hartman is a fine depth choice. He really is. But you know who else was a fine depth choice? Paul Gaustad. What did they trade for Gaustad? A 1st-round pick. What did they trade for Hartman? A 1st-round pick AND a prospect. That’s where we are at. The cost was high.

11:41 AM - Don’t forget the fourth-rounder. Two picks and a prospect, not just a first-rounder.

11:42 AM - [That’s true. Thanks Kate!]

12:13 PM - Sounds like the conditional picks that the Jets gave up to get Stastny aren’t very conditional. That’s less sensible in the long term unless they believe they can re-sign him and/or believe they can win with him right now. In related news, the Jets are very scary right now.

12:20 PM - No way Poile does anything else, right? No picks to move and now the only desirable prospects are Tolvanen and Fabbro.

12:21 PM - [ALEX, NO]

12:40 PM - There haven’t been any surprising trades today, except of course for all of them.

12:41 PM - According to Nick Kypreos via Elliotte Friedman, the Penguins are interested in Ryan McDonagh.

12:43 PM - The new guy:

12:53 PM - Poile weighs in on the trade:

12:58 PM - Columbus and Arizona have made an AHL trade. This is either the calm before the storm or things are winding down.

1:04 PM - The Erik Karlsson sweepstakes aren’t over yet.

1:05 PM - On NHL Network, Paul Stastny tells the panel he “hopes” to play tomorrow night in Winnipeg against Nashville, just has to make sure he has his passport. Hartman will reportedly play in that game, so both teams will have a new player to trot out.

1:11 PM - Evander Kane is headed to the San Jose Sharks.

1:13 PM - Now the Ducks have Jason Chimera in exchange for Chris Wagner. With mere minutes remaining!

1:15 PM - The Sharks gave up a conditional first, conditional fourth, and a prospect for E. Kane. Also their self-respect. The first three seem like a popular bundle this deadline.

1:20 PM - As Mark Lazerus pointed out, the Sabres got about the same return for Kane as the Blackhawks did for Hartman. Kane is just a rental, whereas Hartman is on his ELC and cost-controlled for a while. Sharks, what did you do?

1:23 PM - The conditional picks are 2019 (1st) and 2020 (4th) and we don’t know the conditions yet, but “Sharks, what did you do?” is definitely the motto here.


1:34 PM - Very interesting. The conditions on those picks for Kane? If the Sharks re-sign him, it’s a 1st-round pick. If he walks, it’s a 2nd-round pick.

1:41 PM - Oooooh! The Capitals are swooping in on Karlsson! Haha

1:47 PM - Thomas Vanek is heading to Columbus. Busy couple of days for the Blue Jackets.

1:51 PM - The Blues, who apparently cannot decide if they are buying or selling, are apparently pursuing Mike Hoffman.

1:52 PM - Defensemen waterfall update: there was no waterfall.

1:55 PM - Speaking of, the Penguins are shopping for a defenseman. They were in on McDonagh earlier, now a report that they are looking at Jordie Benn from Montreal. Only a few minutes left!

1:56 PM - Could we interest them in a gently-used Alexei Emelin?

2:00 PM - Time’s Up (sort of... there’s a chance for some late trades to come through)

2:05 PM - The Penguins have added fourth-liner Josh Jooris from the Carolina Hurricanes.

2:06 PM - Erik Karlsson is staying in Ottawa.

2:07 PM - The Lightning have picked up Ryan McDonagh.

2:10 PM - Vegas has acquired Tomas Tatar for a first-, second-, and third-round pick.

2:13 PM - Steve Yzerman is saving us all from a boring post-deadline period.

2:14 PM - Meanwhile, the Flames have added Nick Shore from the Sens, return pending. The Jets have added the Canadiens’ Joe Morrow for a fourth.

2:15 PM - Patrick Maroon to the Devils.

2:21 PM - J.T. Miller is also going to Tampa Bay.

2:22 PM - The Canadiens have traded for Mike Reilly from the Wild, in exchange for a late pick. Max Pacioretty has not been moved.

2:29 PM - In exchange for Maroon, the Oilers have acquired a third-round pick and a prospect.

2:30 PM - More on that TBL-NYR deal. Looks like Namestnikov is the only roster player the Lightning are losing. Steve Yzerman is a wizard.

2:36 PM - Might be nothing, but I can’t help but notice a lack of “The Predators are done” tweets, and I’ve been looking.

2:38 PM - That conditional second-rounder in the McDonagh+Miller trade becomes a first if the Bolts win the Cup this season or next. I’m surprised more GMs don’t do that kind of thing—the Sharks did something similar last year.

2:50 PM - Is it over?

2:56 PM - Peter Chiarelli managed to get one 2019 third-round pick and one prospect for Maroon, which is impressive given the rates other rental forwards were commanding.

2:59 PM - Dorion says the Senators will be trying to extend Karlsson if they still have him on July 1. We get to do this all over again in less than four months!

3:01 PM - I think it’s over.

3:35 PM - The Blackhawks have traded Tommy Wingels to Boston for a conditional fifth-rounder next year which becomes a fourth-rounder if the Bruins get past the first round of the playoffs or re-sign Wingels.

4:15 PM - The Avalanche and Rangers have made a minor trade. Third-pairing defenseman Chris Bigras is headed to New York and AHL defenseman Ryan Graves is headed to Colorado.

4:18 PM - The Predators and Coyotes made an AHL trade, sending Trevor Murphy (D) and Pierre-Cédric Labrie (LW) from Milwaukee to Tucson in exchange for Tyler Gaudet (C/LW) and John Ramage (D). The Admirals accepted future considerations from the Roadrunners for Admirals/Wheeling Nailers forward Derek Army (C).

4:30 PM - Nope, that one still seems a little weird. Murphy has been one of the Admirals’ best defensemen this season.

4:45 PM - Eric agrees that it’s a little weird. Possible slight improvement at F for the Admirals, but loss of a significant D prospect for very little. (Stay tuned for his writeup!)