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Bar Down and Top Shelf: A Nashville Predators Spirit List

For best results, serve on ice.

Selection of beer on display, J Grogan pub, Dublin, Ireland Photo by: Geography Photos/UIG via Getty Images

An interesting Twitter conversation last week inspired this piece. What drink best describes each Nashville Predator?

Ryan Johansen: RyJo is every single vodka/rum/gin and weird juice/soda/energy drink concoction that didn’t kill you in college when you and your roommates were pretending to be bartenders.

Viktor Arvidsson: Red Bull and Vodka.

Filip Forsberg: Imperial IPA. Because he’s the Prince...duh.

Kyle Turris: We can see him sipping a muscadine and binge-watching Netflix with his wife.

Craig Smith: Honey Badger IPA.

Kevin Fiala: A strawberry daiquiri. I said what I said.

Nick Bonino: Tall, dark, and handsome Bonino is a dark beer guy. He’s a POTUS 44 from Black Abbey Brewing in Murfreesboro. Yummy.

Calle Jarnkrok: The Iron Hook is a Rusty Nail. A smooth mix of scotch and expensive scotch based liqueur on extra ice because he’s just so frosty!

Scott Hartnell: Mr. Hartnell seems like a no-frills, easy to please guy. He probably pops open some Coors Light in the offseason while he mows his lawn.

Colton Sissons: Colton seems like the type of guy to enjoy a classic beer like a Guinness but he leans more towards their seasonal American Blonde Lager.

Austin Watson: Watson seems like the kind of guy who would enjoy some Sam Adams in his time off the ice.

Miikka Salomaki: A Bushwhacker. Too many liquors mixing with ice cream for that punch disguised by some sweetness.

Pontus Aberg: As Avery’s evil twin vodka and Kool-Aid only seems fitting.

Mike Fisher: Fish has managed to get better looking over time, and he’s true to his Nashville home. Fisher is a bottle of Belle Meade Bourbon aged in sherry casks.

Roman Josi: Anything that sounds sophisticated because it’s barrel-aged but can easily be picked up at Frugal McDougal’s.

P.K. Subban: Social media shows us that Subban is a huge fan of wine. A 2003 or 2004 Quintarelli is exactly what he needs (and has previously posted about). A bottle of this stuff runs close to $300.

How we celebrate a road W... #Riserve

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Ryan Ellis: A shot of Fireball. Or more appropriately, Jack Daniels’ Tennessee Fire.

Mattias Ekholm: Every liquored up energy drink that everyone warns you not to drink because it gives you crazy eyes and makes you want to fight everyone.

You know what we mean.

Yannick Weber: A Scooby Snack shot.

Alexei Emelin: A high-quality Russian vodka fits our Russian d-man. Beluga Noble is the perfect choice, made with water filtered from Siberian bedrock. It doesn’t get any more Russian than that.

Matt Irwin: Redd’s Wicked Apple, because gingers.

Anthony Bitetto: New Yorkers don’t need anything fancy or frilly. A Bud for Mr. Bitetto, please.

Pekka Rinne: Our elder Finnish netminder has somehow defied age and become better over time. I think the drink for Rinne would be a 20-ish-year expression of a Pappy Van Winkle, easily the most coveted highly aged bourbon in the United States. I’d take a glass of that.

Juuse Saros: A Girl Scout Cookie Shot. Because he’s just so sweet!