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Nashville Predators 3, Ottawa Senators 4 (OT): Bittersweet Homecoming for Turris

Predators can’t land last punch in back-and-forth game with the Senators

Nashville Predators v Ottawa Senators Photo by Francois Laplante/NHLI via Getty Images

The second game of the Predators’ three-game Canadian road trip took place tonight in Ottawa, and the Preds left with a single point in Kyle Turris’s return to the Canadian capital.

The game started off with a bang, as P.K. Subban gave the Predators a 1-0 lead the bounced in off the skate of Cody Ceci. The next 5 minutes were dominated by the Predators, but heading into the Kyle Turris tribute video timeout the game was still 1-0 in favor of Nashville. The Predators got caught in their own zone for a few minutes, and the Sens scored off of mistakes made in front of the net.

The two teams swapped chances for a few minutes, and a slash called on Pageau gave the Predators the first power play of the night. Nashville was unable to score on the man advantage, but they scored with just under two minutes remaining in the period.

The Senators bounced back immediately, however, drawing a quick penalty and heading to the power play. Through the end of the first period, the Predators held onto their 2-1 lead.

The 2nd period started with the Senators finishing off their power play. Both teams struggled to maintain possession for the first 4 minutes of the period, before the Senators snuck a shot by Saros to tie the game at 2-2. The possession trading continued right up to a hold called on Turris, giving the Senators another power play.

Ottawa was once again unable to score on the power play, but they scored a few minutes later when Paajarvi grabbed his own rebound and gave the Senators their first lead of the night, a lead they took into the locker room after the second period ended.

The final regulation period opened with the Predators looking much more awake. Even though they did not score in the first 7 minutes of the period, they put up enough pressure to draw a penalty and give themselves a man advantage with just under 13 minutes remaining. Nashville kept up the pressure during the power play, but they were unable to find the back of the net.

After nearly 10 minutes of back-and-forth hockey, Roman Josi led the Predators on a 4-on-3 rush, and P.K. Subban fired a one-timer that tied the game at 3-3 with just about 4 minutes remaining. Neither team managed to score for the remainder of regulation, so the Predators ensured they would get at least one point in Ottawa.

The Predators took the first shots of overtime, and the Senators did not get a shot for more than a minute. They followed their first shot up with a few more, but Saros was up to the challenge, including a save on an Erik Karlsson breakaway. The teams traded shots after that breakaway, and Mike Hoffman managed to sneak one past Juuse Saros as the Senators took the extra point.

Random Observations

  • Juuse getting the start tonight, hopefully he can continue his hot streak
  • Looking forward to the Kyle Turris Revenge Game
  • Early whistle, but it’s icing on the Sens
  • So Subban just made up for last night by scoring off a Senator
  • That tribute brought a tear to my eye. Whoever the Sens employee that made that video is, I salute you
  • Hartsy and Phanuef fighting 8 minutes into this game is amazing. Also kinda random
  • Duchene has made some nice moves so far in this game.
  • That was just ugly on the Preds’ end. Tie ballgame.
  • The power play has been disappointing the last few weeks
  • I cannot believe one of these Duchene shots hasn’t gone in. Thank you Juuse
  • There was so much happening leading up to that goal
  • Penalty kill time
  • If Ellis had made that blue line buzzer beater I would’ve gone nuts
  • This shot-blocking lesson from Watty is my favorite filler feature (Also can he come coach my intramural hockey team?)
  • Penalty = kilt
  • An injured Arvidsson is the last thing we need right now
  • This is not going as well as it could be
  • Glad to see Arvy back out on the ice
  • Wow Aberg nearly scored off of that
  • Seriously...that’s on Turris?
  • Penalty = kilt x2
  • Saros has really bailed the guys out a few times tonight
  • This could get bad fast
  • Fiala was so close there
  • C’mon guys, just score one here in these 20 minutes
  • There have been so many almosts in this period, can just one of them get past Anderson?
  • So the point streak is still alive
  • Saros has grown so much this season and I’m so glad
  • Well, at least Forsberg is back Saturday

OTF’s Super Duper Stars of the Night

  1. P.K. Subban - First goal of the game and the tying goal. A Norris level performance from him
  2. Calle Jarnkrok - Scored a nice goal to give the Preds a second lead
  3. Scott Hartnell - He had two freaking assists tonight guys

Tweets of the Night

I sure hope so

Game Video