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The Weekender: Half-Assed Mailbag Edition

Postmen At Christmas Photo by FPG/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

I’ve never flown JetBlue before. It’s pretty cool. In between sips of ginger ale and NBA trade deadline news, I managed to fit my work laptop on the tray table. Here goes.

Rick Nash

5 years too late, or perhaps right on time?


It’s now or never for Nash in Nashville. The biggest gripe I have with the Nashville forwards is the collect love they all have of their own wrist shot. Nash is a classic power forward, but he’s definitely lost a step over the last few years in New York. Does he fit next to Johansen? Turris? When Nash was in Columbus, he seemed to be playing by himself on whatever line he was on. I’m not saying he’s a bad teammate, but it was like he got used to playing with crummy centers and had the attitude of “F*** IT, I got this” on offensive zone shifts.

Nash is one of the better players available at the deadline, but he’s likely a pure rental. I’d prefer Pacioretty, Hoffman, and even Nyquist... but Nash would get the place excited. If the Rangers are opening up a post-Sather flea market, I trust David Poile not to spend too much.

Part of me wants this out of principle, and without trading Eeli Tolvanen. Just because Nash is paid like a star doesn’t mean he warrants a star’s price these days. If you’d like a laugh, imagine where Columbus would be with Ryan Ellis, Colin Wilson, and that pick.

i’ll give a shot

Would you Trade PK Subban for John Tavares in the hopes that you could sign John Tavares long term?

I know we have depth at centre, and Subban is my favourite player in the league, but i want to see Dan’s take on this…


If you were to make this trade, that would mean trading either Johansen or Turris for a #1 defenseman, or trading Nick Bonino + prospects/picks for a decent defenseman. I don’t trust those type of moves, nor does it guarantee anything. Plus, Tavares may be the most expensive free agent in recent memory. Plenty of general managers will think of Tavares like Amazon stock from a year or two ago: proven name, with an even deeper potential.

Tavares is as solid of a 1C as there is outside of Pittsburgh or Edmonton, and he’s been pretty great without a great winger. He’s going to fetch more than $10 million/year, unless he wants to go to a contender with a need at center. Tavares would make teams like Montreal and Minnesota a contender.

But for Nashville, it doesn’t assure us anything more than what we already know, and would make retaining this team more difficult. That said, I’m going to try this on Franchise Hockey Manger at some point.

What do you think the Ryan Ellis Contract will look like

Will a bump in the salary cap next year allow us to keep all our pieces?

As Poile ages and eventually retires do you see any stark differences between him and Paul Fenton that should worry Predators fans?


Regarding Ryan Ellis: it depends on two other factors: Pekka Rinne, and the Seattle Expansion draft. Poile would’ve loved to hold on to James Neal, but alas, he had to be exposed to Vegas. Rinne’s contract expires at the same time, and while he could play at that age... he shouldn’t be on a $7 million/year deal after this contract expires. Juuse Saros can slowly start taking on more of the workload as we’re seeing this year. The cap bump will definitely help, and so will not paying Alexei Emelin.

Paul Fenton has been heavily involved in the drafts over the year, and he should be ready for the big chair when David Poile retires. There’s not much worry on this end.

Do we need to sign Josi to a one-year extension so that we can leave him to be taken at the next expansion draft?


That would be an all-time heel move. A few Blues and Blackhawks fans are a bit angry at the Mike Fisher retirement situation. “They had him fake retirement to avoid being exposed for the expansion draft.” If that’s true, that should be filed right next to when Poile claimed Marek Svatos on waivers after the Blues signed him from the KHL.

Josi does have a concussion history, but he’s the captain for a reason. And he’s likely going to age much better than Weber or Suter. If it takes an underhanded tactic to keep him in Nashville, sure.


When it’s all said and done, Pekka Rinne: HoF or no HoF?

No Ma’am

Right now? No.

When it comes to Hall Of Fame voting, I can’t imagine a tougher position to vote for than NHL goaltenders. Comparing stats is a fool’s errand. If you look back through history in a different sport, like baseball, it’s much easier.

Patrick Roy has a lower career save percentage than:

  • Jonas Hiller
  • Cristobal Huet
  • Antti Niemi
  • Manny Fernandez

And all of those players played more than 200 games. Roy has enough rings to clink together, and his legacy is more than just a great goalie. Pekka Rinne has played his career in Nashville, and until last year, he hasn’t been spectacular in the playoffs (the definition of spectacular in the playoffs for my eyes is Jaroslav Halak destroying the Capitals in 2010). If Rinne can get a ring and look stellar doing it, he’ll get some chatter. Fair or not, he’s still going to be behind Lundqvist, Quick, Rask, and Price (and maybe Crawford) from this era. Let’s see if he can get a Vezina first.

On to the next one.