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The Forecheck Podcast: Episode 33 - Scott Powers

Scott Powers, lead hockey writer for The Athletic Chicago, comes on the show to discuss the Ryan Hartman trade.

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NHL: Nashville Predators at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

On today’s episode, I discuss the Ryan Hartman trade with Scott Powers, lead hockey writer for The Athletic Chicago. We discuss the trade from both the Nashville and Chicago perspectives, looking at the short-term and long-term benefits for each team.

In this episode:

  • The Predators are on fire. The offense is rolling. Everything is good again!
  • A 15 minute rant of sorts about the Hartman trade and the concept of winning trades.
  • Does Hartman match up against the other two biggest trades in Preds history (biggest = highest cost, in this case)? Probably not, but it doesn’t mean he isn’t a good player and won’t be a significant factor for the team going forward.
  • Remember December 2016? I do.
  • Hartman was mentioned in trade talks, but the Preds gave up the most, so the Blackhawks had to take it.
  • Scott gives his take on what Hartman’s next contract might look like.
  • Rumors about a Hartman-Q rift? Hogwash.
  • What are the Blues doing??

And more, of course. Give it a listen!


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