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Friday’s Dump & Chase: Lonely At The Top

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The Preds have pulled ahead of Tampa Bay by two points, and are currently leading the West by seven points. They’re practically in a league of their own.

NHL: Winnipeg Jets at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Hockey News & Notes

Nashville Predators 3, Arizona Coyotes 2: Turris Line and Rinne Keep Preds Winning | On the Forecheck
This team is rolling, full steam ahead, no breaks!

Predators' Calle Jarnkrok to miss rest of regular season with injury | The Tennessean
Poor Calle. The only upside is the possibility of him returning for the playoffs depending on what type of run the Preds make. This team is deep, but Calle will be missed.

Lightning, Predators should take advantage of opportunity to rest players | ProHockeyTalk
"Should take advantage" - The Preds already have. A wee bit late to the party NBC.

Seattle's NHL expansion bid creates bigger buzz than Vegas | USA Today
VGK may be settling down now that they've lost more than a handful of games, but I'll still take anything that knocks their Twitter ego down a peg or two.

Do your thing long as is doesn't include Jerry Bruckheimer producing a NHL inspired version of CSI.

NHL - Arizona Coyotes - 2017-18 season snapshot, offseason preview | ESPN
Just gonna leave this here.

NHL - 2017-18 Power Rankings - Greg Wyshynski | The Farewell Tour edition
Honestly Nashville would love nothing more than for Fisher to win the Cup and retire for real. He's a good guy and he's well liked, no one expects him to come back.

It’s also really hard to see Trotz on this list. He’s a good guy, it’s hard not to want the best for him.

NHL: Red Wings hope goalie interference is clarified when GMs meet | Detroit Free Press
I imagine the GMs will discuss it, but clarifying it will be an entirely different task.

NHL - Why the Winnipeg Jets should be the envy of the 30 other teams | ESPN
Envy is a very strong word. Other teams should be cautious of the Jets, cautious is a better word. I won’t say they’re dangerous because let’s be honest their last showing in the playoffs was tragic. Don’t write them off, but don’t be intimidated.

Radulov stoic over Montreal return | NHL
I wasn’t even aware Radulov has feelings.

Sarandon goes between the benches during Penguins-Rangers | NHL
“She discussed recruiting Jimmy Vesey to come to New York in 2016” So that’s the real reason Vesey went to New York, Susan Sarandon told him to! It all makes sense now!

5 things we learned in the NHL: Stars duo can still rack up numbers | SportsNet
Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are lethal, but we’ve seen Dallas implode before and the Ducks are nipping at their heels for a Wild Card spot. This time of year anything can happen.

How to Fix the NHL, a League That’s Broken | Vice Sports
Some of these are a stretch and clearly for laughs because they would never happen, but the intention behind them steams from thoughts we’ve all had watching this sport. Numbers 18 & 19 might actually be genius enough to work and dare I say make everyone happy...therefore the NHL will never go for it.