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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Let’s Enjoy the Ride!

No one can guarantee outcomes in the post season, though it looks like it could be a long one for the Predators. Don’t look too far ahead - remember to enjoy each step as it happens.

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NHL: Columbus Blue Jackets at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Smashville News:

My big news is that while waiting in line to get into the game Saturday, we saw Lindsey, Mark Howard, Hal and others going through the scanners. Then we rode up in the elevator with Hal and his daughter and had a little back and forth. I admired his Bag-Chucking skills. Our brush with fame!

Predators vs. Avalanche: PHT 2018 Stanley Cup Playoff Preview |
To sum it up: Don't shoot ourselves in the foot by allowing the Avalanche tons of power plays and we’ve got this.

What We Learned: It's hard to talk yourself out of the Predators |
A few typos and small errors in here, but it's obvious that Yahoo just can't quit us.

Laviolette Believes Experience Will Help Push Preds Through Playoffs |
There is only one playoff experience left for us - let's go do it.

NHL playoffs 2018: First-round predictions |
Apparently it will be the Predators in five.

From last week, but, you know, Doug.

Happy to have dad home after the long road trip ❤️

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Central Division News:

Blackhawks have money to spend but little roster flexibility this offseason | Chicago Sun-Times
Every time I read something like this I thank the Lord for GMDP's aversion to no trade clauses. Should be interesting to see who of the young ones come and go. In a related note, Coach Q said on Monday that Marion Hossa's condition remains unchanged. Do you think they make him put on the uniform and wait to see if he breaks out in a rash?

Injury puts scare into Wild's Suter |
This injury sounds scary. Just me, but as he won't be able to even put weight on it for four months once he has the surgery, making training camp seem unlikely. Get well Ryan, we want to boo you for many years yet.

Predators, Golden Knights reflect change of NHL West’s guard - The Washington Post
I think we can carry the weight.

Dallas Stars: Was this season Ken Hitchcock's last? | SportsDay
Cue the Hot Take Dragon.

Other Hockey News:

Vezina Award race has several quality candidates |
But there is definitely a clear cut favorite. To quote a tweet I saw yesterday: "IF PEKKA DOESN'T WIN THE VEZINA, I'M GONNA FIGHT EVERYBODY!”

Kevin Pollak, Georgina Reilly Join Hockey Biopic ‘Goalie’ | Variety
Let's take a break for a moment from Playoff Predictions. 400 stitches???

Stanley Cup Playoffs first-round predictions |
Okay, so now let's dive right back in to the deep end of the Playoff Prediction Pool.

NHL playoffs: Power ranking all 16 teams |
We. Got. It. Goin'. On. Or in the words of Bon Jovi (check out the full song lyrics):

"We got it goin' on

We'll be banging and singing just like the Rolling Stones

We're gonna shake up your souls, we come to rattle your bones

'Cause we got it goin' on"

Jones cements role as top defenseman for Blue Jackets |
I am so happy that Seth Jones is finding success with the Blue Jackets. I am also thankful for the time he spent in our room, seeing examples from Shea Weber, Pekka Rinne and others of leadership, community service and class. Best of everything Seth.

Humboldt crash: 2 hockey bus crash victims misidentified | CNN
This is so heartbreaking. Hopefully it is the only case. #weallareBroncos

Super Slow Mo: Week 26 |
Okay - Patrik Laine is just scary looking. Hi Preds! Way to clean up the loose change Bones! Watson says hello at the blue line! Joey with the gritty goal!