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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Pledge Your Allegiance

Can you feel it coming in the more sleep till it’s playoff time in Smashville!

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2017 NHL Stanley Cup Final - Game Six Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

How early is too early to start listening to Run This Town on repeat?

Playoff News & Rants

Pekka | The Players’ Tribune
“It’s Peks”

Do yourself a favor this morning and read this article. If you’ve already read it, read it again. Then make yourself another cup of coffee and read. it. again. Ryan Ellis on why Pekka Rinne should be the unanimous decision for Vezina will put a smile on your face.

NHL playoffs: Predators motivated by '61:35' in pursuit of Stanley Cup | The Tennessean

Anyone else have chills right now?

NHL Playoffs: Nashville Predators history through the postseason | The Tennessean
A a nice little look back at all the Preds postseason appearances.

2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs - Nashville Predators vs. Colorado Avalanche preview, pick for the series | ESPN
Nashville has the advantage in this series by a mile, but their biggest task will be staying out of the box. Staying disciplined and not taking stupid penalties will keep Colorado's special teams dormant, which is exactly what Nashville wants, given the Avs have one of the best power plays in the league.

Predators vs. Avalanche Series Preview: Avs Special Teams | On the Forecheck
Speaking of special teams, Bobby takes a deeper look at both Nashville and Colorado's strengths and weakness here.

Predators, Golden Knights reflect change of NHL West's guard - ABC News
“Though Nashville has won 10 straight against Colorado, beware of the Presidents’ Trophy curse.”

Nashville Predators favored to win Cup; Vegas Golden Knights worry sportsbooks | ESPN
If you're the betting type, Vegas should definitely worry you. A team can have a great season and collapse in the playoffs. (See Chicago 2016-2017). Vegas has zero postseason experience as a team, and their starting goaltender’s last experience was doing color commentary on the bench. I’m not saying it’s a total disaster, just a pretty solid foundation for one.

Nashville police honors Predators' PK Subban with Community Service Award | The Tennessean
P.K. Subban just out here living his best life.

Carrie Underwood: New album, new single 'Cry Pretty' revealed in fan club announcement | The Tennessean
Honestly Carrie Underwood getting rowdy on hockey Twitter is one of my favorite parts of the playoffs.

NHL Network's Kevin Weekes And Mike Rupp Preview The 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs | Forbes

Hulu Inks Sponsorship Deal for NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs | Variety
What up Hulu! Time to dig through your junk e-mails for one of those "Give Us Another Chance: Free Month" e-mails.

NHL playoffs 2018: Four bold predictions | USA Today
None of these are bold.

Bruins forward Brad Marchand will be suspended at some point during the postseason.”

The bolder prediction would have been "Marchand won’t be suspended. "

The 2018 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs' most likely upsets | The Washington Post
Anyone else stuck somewhere between wanting San Jose to crush Anaheim in the first round, and sort of hoping Anaheim squeaks by just so the Preds can crush them for a third straight post-season?

The rule everyone hates: how goalie interference could ruin the NHL playoffs | The Guardian
I think the most reasonable thing that can happen is Philly should go ahead and knock Pittsburgh out in the first round, so that way the rest of us don’t have to suffer through disallowed goals, questionable goalie interference, self-throwing water bottles, WWE on-ice, bad Listerine jokes...seriously Philly, do the rest of the league a solid here!