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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Heavy is the Head

Being the number one team in the league doesn’t come without its burdens.

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Colorado Avalanche at Nashville Predators Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

We’re only three games into this series, and everyone wants a reason to loathe Nashville again. I like a good dramatic headline, but it’s a clickbait minefield out there! Luckily I dug past the first page of the Google News search to find real articles for your morning coffee and contemplation.

Playoff News & Rants

Predators on verge of disaster, says no one with a clue about hockey | The Tennessean
Honestly the game wasn’t a complete disaster. Was it bad...absolutely, but the team is no where near imploding. It could always be worse...

...feel better now?

Three Things: How can Preds bounce back from forgettable Game 3? | FOX Sports
Play a full 60 minutes of Nashville Predators hockey and for the love of EVERYTHING stay out of the penalty box!

Predators goalie Pekka Rinne a Vezina Trophy finalist for fourth time | The Tennessean
Pekka is by far the runaway favorite. 100% no lie. I’m biased, but seriously...

It’s Peks.

NHL playoffs: Avalanche giving Predators a run for their money |
If by “run for their money” you mean blowing the lead in Games 1 and 2 against mediocre Preds’ hockey, followed by becoming unresponsive in the last 20 minutes of Game 3 while letting the Preds came back from 4-0...then yes absolutely! The Avs should definitely not do anything differently!

The Preds know everything about being an underdog, they know exactly what it’s like to be in Colorado’s shoes, they know desperate hockey. They’re not going to sit back and be embarrassed again. Colorado has some talent, but the second Nashville started pushing in Game 3, all the Avs could manage was an automatic empty-net goal off a terribly timed penalty.

Not to discredit the Avs, but that’s not a win anyone is going to remember.

If the Presidents’ Trophy winning Nashville Predators show up Wednesday night and Colorado can still hang, then you can @ me.

NHL playoff format waters down later rounds with 1st-round rivalries |
Honestly is there any team you can put the Ducks up against in the post season that won’t somehow turn into the most heated rivalry of all time?

Preds Confident in Ability to Bounce Back from Game 3 Defeat | NHL
“In the playoffs - we learned that last year - you have to keep an even keel,” defenseman Mattias Ekholm said. “You can’t get too high when you win, you can’t get too low when you lose. It’s just another day today, and we have a great opportunity tomorrow to take a big lead in the series...”

Preds Need to Build on Second Half of Game 3 | NHL
Maybe I’m just overly optimistic (too much caffeine consumption does that to you I hear) but I feel good about the Preds’ chances in Game 4. Now we just have to wait something like 87 years till puck drop to find out.

NHL playoffs: Wild’s loss to Jets isn’t on refs, despite Bruce Boudreau claim |
Is he new here? Welcome to the NHL, Bruce!

Wild Lose Zach Parise for Multiple Weeks to Broken Sternum | SI
Ouch! I’m sure this hurts worse than that no call, Boudreau.

Enter the Sin Bin: What It’s Like to Be Sent to ‘Adult Timeout’ in the NHL | SI
“It’s the most nerve-racking two or four minutes of your life, just praying they don’t score,”

Wait for it...

...says Brad Marchand, “You feel trapped. You feel guilty. You’re in a glass cage, people all around you taking pictures and you can’t do anything.”

Maybe stop doing stupid stuff on the ice, Brad!

Clean sweep: Golden Knights eliminate Kings with fourth-straight win | Las Vegas Sun
I can’t wait to hear about how incredible Fleury is until the end of time.

Patrick Sharp joining NBC’s NHL playoff coverage as guest analyst | Chicago Sun Times
I bet he’d get a better reception in Nashville than Mike Milbury, but I guess that’s not actually saying much.

Alright folks, it’s game day! Get hype!

I’d post Run This Town to get everyone’s morning started off right, but Hov is still holding out for that Tidal come-up, and we don’t have enough time or space for my soap box rant about streaming services.

So here’s my Get Psyched! playlist to get me through the day, or just downtown Nashville traffic.

P.S. Not all songs are radio friendly

P.S.S. Sorry for the whiplash