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Nashville Predators Clinch First Ever Presidents’ Trophy

For the first time in franchise history, the Predators win the NHL’s top regular season prize.

After beating the Capitals 4-3 tonight, the Predators secured the Central Division title for the first time in franchise history. But they weren’t done clinching things it seems.

The Panthers beat the Bruins 3-2 in Florida about 15 minutes after the Preds won, which clinched Nashville’s first ever Presidents’ Trophy. The Preds will finish with no fewer than 115 points on the season, and no team can finish with more than 114.

Say what you will about the supposed “curse” with the Presidents’ Trophy (it is 100% not cursed btw), this is a big moment for the franchise. Finishing as the best regular season team in the NHL isn’t nothing.

Oh and as a curious little side note: the road to the Stanley Cup will now go entirely through Bridgestone Arena.

They did it! Congrats to the gold team.