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Friday's Dump & Chase: Banners, Baby!

You don't HAVE to win your division or your conference or the President's Trophy. It just feels nice.

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Nashville News & Notes

The Future of Nashville’s Goaltending: Saros’ Next Contract and More - On the Forecheck
ICYMI, Rachel takes a look at Nashville's situation in goal.

Viktor Victorious: An Interview With Viktor Arvidsson | Nashville Scene
As someone who had an annual pass to the Nashville Zoo for four years, I don't really get the red panda thing.

Predators TV ratings soar after years of being rock bottom | The Tennessean
Ah, the joys of being on cable.

Around Hockey

31 Thoughts: Expect Canucks to be aggressive in post-Sedins era -
I'm a little skeptical of the Nylander information here.

Exploring the Sabres Buyout Options - Die By The Blade
I'm just not sure if the Sabres have enough good players to need space that they need to buy out players in order to achieve.

How Boston Bruins' Zdeno Chara keeps playing in NHL at age 41 |
“He’s got a PhD in life, I guess,” Keator says.

Which NHL teams will make a coaching change after the season? – ProHockeyTalk
This article fails to address the fact that Todd McLellan is actually pretty terrible in addition to having a bad roster.

Should The Devils’ One-Man Machine Be The NHL MVP? | FiveThirtyEight
Hall's season has been quite remarkable.

Meet the Hughes brothers, America's future first family of hockey - NHL
Will they really be, or will they just be the American version of the Staal brothers? We shall see.

No change in Chicago: Blackhawks bringing Quenneville, Bowman back – ProHockeyTalk
Quenneville says he's making no changes to his coaching staff, either. While I don't think that firing Q was the right move, not making any changes at all is really banking on this year being a total aberration.

NHL playoffs: Six reasons to be negative before it starts | USA Today
Ah, that's the stuff.