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Nashville Predators 4, Winnipeg Jets 7: It Looked Good Until It Looked Bad

And then it looked really, really bad.

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Nashville Predators at Winnipeg Jets Terrence Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Although things started off much in their favor at 3-0 after the first period. The Nashville Predators incurred multiple penalties and inopportune times as well as leaving Pekka Rinne wide open on the blocker side to wind up losing 7-4 to the Winnipeg Jets.

The game opened up with some standard back and forth when an early delay of game penalty against JacobTrouba put the Nashville Predators on a power play. The power play led to a scary moment in front of Pekka Rinne that he was able to fight off. The penalty was killed off and play continued. Following a nice shot from Ryan Hartman, Mike Fisher was able to take advantage of a Hellebuyck rebound to tap the puck into the goal to put the Predators up 1 to 0.

At 10:04, in the middle of a power play due to Blake Wheeler tripping Mattias Ekholm on a faceoff, Filip Forsberg feeds to P.K. Subban who fires a rocket through Connor Hellebuyck’s five-hole. The full-arena booing was immediately silenced.

At 17:35, noted sniper, Austin Watson took advantage of a puck left lying in the O-Zone due to a very slow change by the Jets and further punished Hellebuyck with a shot off of the inside far post to put the Predators up 3 to 0.

At 2:45 into the 2nd period, Trouba took a shot from the blue line that bounced first off of Mike Fisher, then Paul Stastny to put the puck in the net behind Pekka Rinne. Although intitially called off, upon review, it was clearly a goal.

Dustin Byfuglien scored Winnipeg’s second goal of night during a 4-on-4 at 5:15. The 4-on-4 was the result of what was called a charge on Austin Watson and the resulting retaliation against him by Mark Scheifele. 3-2

This, of course, was followed 18 seconds later by a Trouba goal as the Nashville Predators scrambled to regain their footing. 3-3

The hope was to make it out the 2nd without giving up another goal, or, wishfully, tallying one of their own, but after some heavy physical interaction in our defensive zone, Patrik Laine sent a pass to Byfuglien, who had no trouble scoring Winnipeg’s fourth goal at 19:15.

While on a power play at 7:40, due to an interference call against Jzack Roslovic, Filip Forsberg, who was clearly using a scope, sniped a nasty shot past Hellebuyck to even things up at 4-4.

At ???, while fighting off yet another Jets power play, Blake Wheeler put on in the net while Pekka Rinne begged for a stoppage after his strap come loose after stopping a shot with his mask seconds earlier. However, the refs, suddenly unable to control the game, allowed play to continue, putting the Jets up 5-4.

Blake Wheeler scores an empty net goal at 19:09. The Jets are up 6-4.

Brandon Tanev also scores an empty net goal at 19:29. Jets are up 7-4.

The game mercifully ends at 60:00 with a Jets victory.

Random Observations

  • They keep showing the street party outside in Winnipeg...everyone is waving white flags.
  • Anthem singer stopped to let the fans sing the majority of the Canadian National Anthem. I’d imagine it sounded awesome in the arena.
  • Miikka Salomaki is in for Calle Jarnkrok. I have emotions about this, but they are yet to manifest verbally or physically.
  • Fiala almost scored on that nasty little steal! Smith had a good shot soon after. Second line looks ready to play tonight.
  • Connor Hellebuyck has a shutout going right now! (that should take care of that!) (update, it worked)
  • Early power play after Trouba went over the glass. Let’s make it work! (we didn’t)
  • Booing P.K. Subban...original.
  • MIKE FISHER with a goal after he cleans up the rebound from ? and immediately takes an elbow to the back of the head from Tyler Myers. 1-0
  • Ryan Hartman is noticeable tonight.
  • BIG SAVE on a too-close-for-comfort shot from Stastny.
  • Subban scores on the power play, through the 5 hole, while being booed. The boos just give him strength. 2-0
  • Big hits on Craig Smith and Alexei Emelin makes me think the Jets are getting angry. Hope the boys keep their heads on a swivel.
  • Laine heads to the box after tripping Hartman. 4 on 4 now (as Watson is already serving time). Laine will probably relish the opportunity to check on his pouch of shiny treasures and read over some of the new spells he’s working on.
  • Who is Joe C?
  • Austin Watson is a nasty sniper and we do not deserve his toothless glory.
  • Arts and Crafts with your instructor, Pernell Karl.
  • Clearly that wasn’t a head shot by Watson there.
  • I only have cuss words for most of what just happened.
  • Apparently the score is now 3-3. I’m not really sure what happened, but it happened quickly.
  • It sounds like Peter Laviolette has been doing a bit of extracurricular shouting as of late.
  • Okay, Subban may not be embellishing that knee...
  • I think this is most I’ve looked forward to an intermission in a long time...and there was a game earlier in the season when I had to go throw up (food related).
  • Okay, P.K. is back out there.
  • Now they’re calling Joe C, Juuse.
  • Bonino versus Trouba...looked like Bonino landed a few on the helmet. It keeps Trouba off the ice, though.
  • Oh, NOW we’re going to call penalties...
  • This crew is unapologetically pro-Winnipeg.
  • Somehow, thankfully, we killed that penalty...and Sissons earns one back immediately afterwards.
  • Hey, he called him Josi!
  • Nah, back to Juuse.
  • These missed calls...then suddenly you see Winnipeg on the PP.
  • KILL THIS!!!
  • Hey we killed i...crap.
  • KILL THIS!!!
  • No visible blood, but I hope Ellis’s head is okay.
  • All out of cleverness.
  • I totally feel Pekka’s frsutration there.
  • I guess we don’t call slashes.
  • I’m over it at this point. My children have heard me say things they can unhear.

Super Duper 3 Stars of the Game

  1. The ref that failed to stop the game for Pekka’s mask issue.
  2. Nick Bonino for punching someone on the other team.
  3. The trio of Ryan Johansen, Filip Forsberg, and P.K. Subban for having multi-point games.

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