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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Imitation

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and it looks like Nashville might just be rubbing off on other franchises.

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Nashville Predators v Winnipeg Jets - Game Six Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

Firstly we need to take a moment to appreciate the absolute ridiculousness that is Filip Forsberg.

Marc-Andre Fleury gets back at taunting Winnipeg crowd with stellar Game 2 | The Globe and Mail
“The Vegas netminder was met with chants of ‘Fleurrrry, Fleurrrry’ after three quick goals in Game 1”

Oh Winnipeg, don’t you know what you’ve done? Now every time you complain about our chants next season you’re going to be reminded of this moment. Trust me, Nashville won’t let you live this down.

P.S. You can never say anything about Nashville chants ever again. Seriously, never again.

NHL playoffs: Capitals fans can ride Metro later thanks to ... Qatar? |
At least Qatar cares!

Jaromir Jagr reportedly to play 30th pro season with Kladno Knights in Czech Republic | ESPN
Jagr is going to play hockey until he’s 70 isn’t he?

Kyle Turris' gear doesn't arrive for Canada's game at worlds | ESPN
Now he knows how the rest of us felt when he didn’t show up in the playoffs.

Yeah...too soon?

Vegas' success has given Seattle's impending NHL franchise something to shoot for | LA Times
I’ll be curious if Seattle gets the same expansion draft rules that Vegas did. I’m sure GMs are not as willing to let their rosters be picked off again after seeing Vegas go to a Conference Final in their inaugural season. I imagine Seattle’s expansion will have some tweaks.

A 2017-18 Nashville Predators Autopsy: What Worked | On the Forecheck
Alex breaks down what worked for the Preds this season including JOFA (Long May They Reign), P.K. (Where’s He Going) Subban, and Pekka (Still Not On Twitter) Rinne.

NHL statement on decision by U.S. Supreme Court | NHL
With the way the officiating has been this post-season and the entire span of 2017-2018 I’m not convinced sports betting will make it any worse.

I’m sure I’ll regret this statement next season.

NHL Playoffs 2018: Washington Capitals are the new favorites to win the Stanley Cup | CBS
They dropped Game 3 last night, but the Capitals are still so hyped they might just take out 20 years of frustration on Tampa Bay just because they finally can!

Original Stanley Cup in spotlight to celebrate its 125th anniversary | NHL
The original Stanley Cup looks like a giant candy bowl that a distant relative you hardly ever see keeps in a room with plastic covered furniture that you’re not allowed to step foot in.