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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: What Hurts the Most

Go ahead and circulate your “unavailable for comment” memo at work, so no one asks you about what happened last night.

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Nashville Predators v Winnipeg Jets - Game Three Photo by Jason Halstead /Getty Images

Playoff News & Rants

Predators vs Jets: Nashville has meltdown in Game 3 vs Winnipeg | The Tennessean
If the Preds would have gone up 3 goals and then stayed out of the box, this game maybe would have had a different out-come.


Nashville Predators 4, Winnipeg Jets 7: It Looked Good Until It Looked Bad | On the Forecheck
Nashville still needs to play better, the Jets are firing on all cylinders, and the Preds are acting like 4-cylinders is going to sputter them to the finish-line. Right now, Nashville isn't hungry enough.

Get hangry, Nashville.

Nashville's take on the Garbage Plate elicits tons of trash talking from New York | The Tennessean
I don't care where it came from or who should get credit for it, I'm concerned about the health of anyone actually eating this.

Predators vs Jets: Vanderbilt children's hospital adorable baby photos | The Tennessean
Cute hockey babies will make everything better!

2018 NHL playoffs: Capitals-Penguins Game 3 analysis | The Washington Post
I think the only thing I want more than the Preds in the Cup Final, is for the Capitals to obliterate the Penguins.

I don’t even want them to take their time, it doesn’t even have to be pretty, just send them to the golf-course in five and be done with it!

NHL playoffs 2018: Penguins' Aston-Reese breaks jaw, sustains concussion from Tom Wilson hit | NHL | Sporting News
Let's be honest, the officiating is always terrible in the post-season, but it seems worse than normal this year.

Resilient Tampa Bay Lightning rebound to beat Boston Bruins in Game 2 | The Denver Post
Tampa Bay could have won the Cup already and I wouldn't have known. I keep forgetting they're in the playoffs. I like Tampa, I really do, but they're not very memorable this time of year. What am I missing?

Sorry, nothing personal.

NHL playoffs: Caps' Tom Wilson breaks Penguin player's jaw with hit | USA Today
Just imagine if the Caps and the Bruins have to face off in the Eastern Conference Final...Wilson and Marchand might actually destroy each other.

NHL playoffs: Goal or no goal? What goes into controversial reviews | USA Today
If this were any other league or sport having such an issue with controversial reviews and calls, it would call for some serious rule book over-hauling.

Meanwhile the NHL is like, "meh thought I saw a tumbleweed blow through the crease, so definitely goaltender interference. We'll just dig up some super complicated rule out of the archives for the PR release and no one will question it. Just mute your social media notifications for a few days"