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Wednesday’s Dump & Chase: Down Time

The Stanley Cup Final hasn’t even started yet, but the off-season already seems painfully dull. How do people survive when their teams don’t even make the playoffs?

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Cape Cod League Championship Series Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Hockey News & Rants

2017-18 Player Reviews: Nick Bonino | On The Forecheck
Rachel breaks down how the veteran center and Stanley Cup winner faired during his first season with the Preds.

Will Predators’ past experiences shape Ryan Ellis contract negotiations? | The Tennessean
I can see Ellis retiring in Nashville, but I think him staying healthy is going to play a big part in any extension.

Kealty, Poile, Nichol Ready to Embrace Promotions with Preds | NHL
With Paul Fenton heading to Minnesota, it only made sense that some promotions were in order in Nashville.

NHL - Brendan Shanahan defends general manager Kyle Dubas after Mark Hunter, Lou Lamoriello leave Toronto Maple Leafs | ESPN
Why does it feel like all of Canada bursts into some bizarre NHL hockey drama every summer?

NHL playoffs: Do Caps or Lightning win Game 7, make Stanley Cup Final? | USA Today
How many more times can the Lightning make it this far without actually going on to win the Cup before people lose interest?

When will the Capitals ever get this far again?

Game 7 might be an absolute dog fight.

NHL playoffs 2018: A 'different' Capitals team faces another familiar demon — Game 7 | NHL | Sporting News
After this post-season I don’t think I believe in demons, curses, jinxes, or superstitions anymore.

NHL preparing puck-tracking technology to further develop live data | NHL | Sporting News
Meanwhile we still don’t know what goalie interference actually is.

NHL - Why no NHL players made the World Fame 100 list | ESPN
Picking Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin as the closest to almost make a list, but not really is the laziest thing I’ve ever seen. Not to mention ESPN’s subtle way of saying “no one really cares about hockey” is just cringe worthy.

Welcome to impossible: The Golden Knights and the NHL miracle that makes no sense | The Guardian
This is not an amazing underdog story if you look at the draft and the players that Vegas picked to make this team they best they could. It’s not like they limped into the playoffs. They did very well this season. Underdog isn’t really the right narrative here.

Rangers to hire Quinn as coach: report | NHL
Why does Boston University love the Rangers so much?