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Tuesday’s Dump & Chase: Hockey again!

Since the Capitals lost, does someone else have to run the hot lap now?

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Columbus Blue Jackets v Nashville Predators Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

2018 Stanley Cup Final:

6 of a kind: Golden Knights outlast Caps 6-4 in Final opener | USAToday
Wow. It's going to be a wild ride. The Washington Capitals need to figure out why Alex Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznetsov were stifled in this game. Las Vegas needs Marc-Andre Fleury to tighten his game back up. Exciting hockey, just as the Final should be.

Smashville News:

Photos: Best of the 2017-18 Season |
"Check out the best shots of the Preds from the past season." Doesn't it seem like a really long time since the tacky Christmas jackets?

Five pictures including the Johansen brothers and Colton Sissons playing Pebble Beach. Not the usual spectacular day on the Drive, but I’m sure they will get one before they leave. Meanwhile the burning question is where are Doug and Dozer?

Central Division News:

Dallas Stars head coach Jim Montgomery on leaving Denver, video games, NCAA coaches and measuring success | ESPN
What I'm getting here is that it is all about relationships Jim.

The soaring season | Winnipeg Free Press
Is this the guy we were feuding with during the playoffs? Actually a really good piece, I like reviewing the season in the players words at each moment.

Trade Targets, Part III: Considering the Central | Broad Street Hockey
Guess who the Nashville Predator is on this list? And the ex-Nashville Predator?

Other Hockey News:

The non-hockey fan’s guide to this year’s Stanley Cup Final |
LOL. How many times have you tried to explain this?

Biscuit, bender? A hockey lingo dictionary for the Stanley Cup Final | Las Vegas Review-Journal
Can anyone tell me why a goal is called a "Gino"? I learned a term or two here.

Trotz skates another 'hot lap' for Capitals before Game 1 of Final |
"Barry Trotz knew it was coming, and the coach of the Washington Capitals couldn't let his players down." Not that hockey players are superstitious or anything.

Stanley Cup Final 2018: Las Vegas bans capital letters to support Golden Knights | Sporting News
It's the battle of #ALLCAPS versus #nocaps!!!

SIMMONS: Are the Vegas Golden Knights good or bad for the NHL? | Toronto Sun
This includes a number of great quotes from GMs. Sadly, they are missing a team that has never won a Stanley Cup.

Parents told to get with the program in cross-ice hockey controversy | CBC Sports
"Organizations across the country, including Toronto, have been mandated by Hockey Canada to implement half or cross-ice hockey for children playing in younger age groups. But the mandate is not going over well with angered parents." Does EVERY parent in Toronto think their child is going to be the next Connor McDavid?

Hockey player scores 5 goals, 2 assists and he's 91. |
For love of the game, man.