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Saturday’s Dump & Chase: The Gauntlet

The Nashville Predators want to make zone entries a punishing process for the Winnipeg Jets, Scott Hartnell is “old man strong”, and we once again have a licking incident.

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NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Nashville Predators at Winnipeg Jets James Carey Lauder-USA TODAY Sports

It’s time to take back what is rightfully ours: the lead in this Round 2 series against the Winnipeg Jets. Back in Nashville, back on home ice, back with the piped-in music cranked up extra loud for Blake Wheeler to complain about. Let’s get out there and SHUT THEM DOWN!

Nashville Predators News

Discipline, Composure, and Pekka Rinne Redeem Predators in Game 4 - On the Forecheck
Get ready for Game 5 by reminding yourself of Game 4. Spoiler Alert: Knob references aplenty!

Predators defense won't rest against Jets in Game 5
What's the game plan for Game 5? Find out what to look for here.

Playoff Deja Vu, the Preds' Trap is Back
You'll notice that Patrik Laine was only able to score because the Winnipeg Jets didn't have to enter the zone.

Predators catfish throw: 5-year-old heart transplant patient to toss fish
Wow. Allergy and dust warning before you read this one. If you're going to be at Bridgestone tonight, make sure you cheer extra loud for this catfish thrower!

Preds Return Home in Search of First Series Lead Against Jets
The Predators are starting with the man in the mirror and coming home with an intense focus and drive to win Game 5.

Predators vs Jets: Nashville coach Peter Laviolette running a clinic
Many fans didn't trust the lineup changes going into the 4th game of this series, but Peter Laviolette proved why he was chosen to lead the Nashville Predators.

Predators vs Jets: Scott Hartnell sparks Nashville lineup against Jets
If you wondered why Scott Hartnell was in and Kevin Fiala was out, you can find out why in here. I was immediately impressed at his immediate and effective neutralization of Dustin Byfuglien. All it really seemed to take was another big body getting in his face and most of the antics disappeared.

Philadelphia Flyers: Peter Laviolette Changes the Fate of the Flyers | Bleacher Report | Latest News, Videos and Highlights
A look WAAAAY back to a time when roster-tinkering didn't work for Peter Laviolette. You'll also note the reference to the high number of penalties his team took. BONUS: Harry Zolnierczyk appearance!

I really enjoy this visual being updated every day. Of course, this is before last night’s action, but it gets updated every day.

Around Hockey

Just wanted to mention that although there’s no write up for it yet, that Vegas game was pretty intense. The San Jose Sharks made it interesting there at the end.

Bolts take a licking and keep on ticking: Beat Bruins 4-3 in OT - Raw Charge
Couldn't resist posting this. This was a very exciting game. If you didn't watch it, take a look at last night’s action between two of the teams we could potentially face for the Stanley Cup.

Torey Krug leaves the game with what looks like a pretty bad ankle injury - Stanley Cup of Chowder
Torey Krug went into the wall foot first and I don't want to watch the video again...but it's in here.

New Dallas Stars coach Jim Montgomery: 'You have to let horses run' -
The Dallas Stars took Jim Montgomery from Denver University. Find out what he plans to do with the talent he has on the team.

Once Again, Articles About Licking

How far we’ve fallen! I have to assume this is all just an attempt to invite retaliation, but even in a sport where pushing, shoving, and fighting is just another day at the office, licking someone, even in a non-sexual fashion, seems to be crossing a line. We talked last week about whether or not the NHL stepped in and said something, but I feel like Marchand is pushing them to a point where they have to say or do something. Perhaps Marchand wants a new penalty named after him?

Brad Marchand enrages Lightning with lick, low bridge (Video) – ProHockeyTalk
The consensus appears to be that licking doesn't belong in hockey. If we end up playing the Boston Bruins for the Stanley Cup, what's the over/under on licking incidents for the duration of the series. Who do you think Brad Marchand would lick?

2018 Stanley Cup playoffs - Brad Marchand's greatest hits - Boston Bruins' little ball of hate - NHL
Just 20? You can add another licking incident after last night. Brad Marchand is definitely a piece of work.