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Tuesday Dump & Chase: Wow!

Fil and Arvy doing Fil and Arvy things. Peks focused on a dime. Joey in total beast mode and EVERYONE playing some great defense. We’re on to Game 7.

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Winnipeg Jets v Nashville Predators - Game Five Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs:

NHL playoffs: Capitals end Penguins' run. Is it their time? | USAToday
Even though I’m a lifelong Penguins fan, I was rooting for the Washington Capitals. It is time for someone new to win the Stanley Cup and I don't want Barry Trotz to lose his job.

Forsberg, Arvidsson each score twice to lift Predators to Game 6 victory | Sporting News
Just wow. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop but the boys handled their business. Please Lavy no changes for Thursday (unless we have to sub for Fisher). Go Preds!

Smashville News:

Nashville Predators' Filip Forsberg uses his flash to propel playoff run |
"Filip Forsberg is gaining recognition around the NHL for his slick scoring moves, some described as "insane" by his Nashville teammates." But in a good way. Nice to see Fil get recognition for not only his smooth moves, but also for his total game.

Predators sign Czech free agent Filip Pyrochta | On The Forecheck
I'm looking forward to Eric's follow up piece as I'm wondering how he fits or who will be leaving to make room for him.

Anyone, who for whatever reason is not in the mood for bulldogs, please scroll directly to the Central Division News now. Okay. I don’t know how much you know about Journey Risk True company, though I’m sure you’ve seen their “Team Summer” hats. Apparently they have added a new spokesdog.

Central Division News:

Revisiting Wild's deal that helped expansion Vegas reach the conference finals -
Hey! We're not the only ones speculating on the coulda, woulda, shoulda of the Vegas expansion draft. At least we didn't give up multiple players. Watching James Neal in all of his red-bearded playoff glory is sad enough.

Will Stars use late-season collapse as motivation? | Fort Worth Star-Telegram
I'm betting on door number two - forgetting it ever happened. Six coaches in 10-11 years? Can that be right? Yeesh.

The Lonely Existence of Winnipeg Jets Fans in Atlanta | Winnipeg Sun
Maybe if they all got together they wouldn't be so lonely. There seems to be enough of them in Thrashers/Jets jerseys at the Predators/Jets games.

Other Hockey News:

Golden Knights ride Fleury, lineup adjustments to advance |
It's hard to believe that this team came out of the gates this good. Wonder what happens in Vegas if they can't maintain all of the "career years" next year.

Five reasons the San Jose Sharks were knocked out by the Vegas Golden Knights |
It used to be that everything needed three reasons. Apparently five is the new three. Reason number five is my favorite.

Super Slow Mo: Playoffs Week 4 |
Hi P.K. Subban - please lose the hat. Hi Ryan Ellis - whatcha lookin' at? Was that Hartsy Jr. in the snow shower? Hi Mike Fisher - oh that smile! Whoa P.K. - Kaboom! P.K. again - nice shot! Hi Nashville Predators - Maybe you could help Pekka Rinne instead of watching. Hi Pekka’s Knob - heck of a save! Hi Arvy - Whoa - Why does Buff Ugly always beat on the little guy? Hi again Preds, still not playing team D there.

NHL playofs bad officiating: How bad is it? |
Pretty bad. Did anyone else know the Wayne's World Easter Egg?

Vegas Golden Knights' Success Should Change The Way NHL Teams Do Business | Forbes
Yes. We'll be moving to more speed and youth and less grit even faster now.